Zimbabwe: Tanganda Tea Company, a pillar of the Chipinge community


The Tanganda Tea Company Limited, a part of Chipinge’s history, continues to show how it has managed to not only last so long, but also become Zimbabwe’s largest tea producer, packer and distributor.

As a people-centered company, Tanganda actively improves the lives of its employees and the Chipinge community. The company provides free food packs, production bonuses, free clinics, subsidized schooling, training and globally subsidized medical treatment for the Chipinge community.

Since its establishment, the company has invested significantly in improving its capacity and expanding the product range for local and export markets. It’s a great example of how a company can succeed with dynamic, forward-looking leadership. The company has actively considered risks and ways to mitigate them to ensure long-term growth.

The company, which employs more than 5,000 people, the majority of whom in Manicaland, has continued to develop its activities and its diversification plan has taken root. Tanganda is becoming known not only for its tea, but also as an agricultural export business.

Chipinge, synonymous with Tanganda Tea Company, is now also known for its coffee, macadamia nuts and avocados and as a leading export region for agricultural products. The organization exports 80% of its tea products, almost 90% of avocados and almost 100% of macadamia nuts.

An example of the company’s foresight was the construction of four dams and boreholes at Ratelshoek, Tingamira and Jersey, to alleviate adverse weather conditions such as drought and prolonged dry seasons. Tanganda has also insured its crops such as avocados against hailstorms and other perils.

The company has invested in solar power plants on its Ratelshoek, Tingamira and Jersey estates to produce a total of 4.4 MW. This project is due for completion in March 2022 and will go a long way to ensuring consistent production, extended irrigation support, and minimum downtime due to erratic power supply.

As the business diversified, they moved into growing macadamia nuts. These currently occupy a combined 850 ha of the company’s estates. The average plantation age is 8 years and Macadamia trees have an economic life of 40 years. The company intends to invest in microjet on all macadamia plantings, which will improve both water efficiency and yield achievement. They are also considering setting up a cracking plant as they seek to expand their value addition locally.

Today, Les Avocatiers occupy 448 Ha spread over 2 estates. These mature with an average age of 7 years and the company expects yields to increase over the next few years.

The company continues to introduce new products to the market. Tanganda Tea Company’s strong exploration and diversification continues to indicate the lasting contribution and future growth of its resource base. Recently they brought to market Tanganda Herbal Infusions, Zumbani, and the premium water brand, Tingamira, continues to be a source of pristine water that has been widely accepted by the market.

This has resulted in a strong brand portfolio that includes Tanganda Tea, Stella Tea, Healthi Green, Tanganda Herbal Infusions Moringa, Natra Rooibos, Nella Rooibos and High Country Coffee in the domestic market. They also grow coffee marketed under the Nespresso brand.

The company continues to be well positioned as a trusted premium brand. It also participates in reputable business organizations such as the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries, the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce and other platforms to influence sound and supportive economic policies. This makes it a solid, sustainable and attractive business for locals, diasporas and foreign investors who wish to invest in the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

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