Yasmin Karachiwala and Dr. Hemakshi Basu team up to show how to get rid of wrist pain


The video shows Yasmin Karachiwala relaxing on a sofa and watching something on her phone when she feels pain in her wrist

Overcome Wrist Pain With These 3 Simple Exercises

Many times we complain of sore wrists after holding something as light as a smartphone or tablet for some time. We are forced to put the phone down and let our wrists relax. But the pain remains, troubling us for a long time. It’s annoying for various reasons, but mostly because we can’t hold the cell phone and watch our favorite movie or documentary until the pain is relieved. Not even read an interesting article on the Internet. The moment the pain goes away – either on its own or through the use of painkillers – we lose interest in what we were doing on the phone anyway. So what should we do?

Fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala’s Instagram post attempts to address this painful issue. The video post features Dr. Hemakshi Basu, a physiotherapist, explaining what to do to reduce wrist pain.

The video shows Yasmin Karachiwala relaxing on a sofa and watching something on her phone. But soon she feels pain in her wrist after holding the phone for a long time. Just then, Dr. Basu enters the frame and motions for Karachiwala to relax. She then shows him three simple exercises that can relieve wrist pain.

“Does your wrist hurt? Can you turn your wrist without pain? Let’s beat wrist pain with these 3 simple exercises that the physiotherapist shows us,” Yasmin says in the Instagram post.

The simple exercises are:

1. Write alphabets in the air, using your wrist. Remember to keep your elbow straight.

2. Wrist flexion stretch. Stretch your arms, wrap your thumb inside your wrist, and gently pull the wrist towards you.

3. Wrist extension stretch. Stretch your arm to the side. Next, place your palm on the wall, wrist down, and relax your shoulder.

Check out Yasmin Karachiwala’s Instagram post here:

The fitness trainer suggests doing these exercises even if they don’t hurt your wrist “because we’re constantly using our phones and working on computers for long hours and that will help.”

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