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Dieting and weight loss plans are gaining traction around the New Year, as health-focused New Year’s resolutions are made with fitness and self-improvement goals in mind.

Many diets are notoriously difficult to follow because they may not be designed for long term weight loss, but rather for quick goals. The nature of the short-term weight loss goal is offset by the likelihood of gaining weight back after restricting.

One way to curb this is to seek advice from qualified health advisers such as public bodies like the NHS. A balanced diet is primarily recommended by the National Health Service – but what diet plans do they give the green light and recommend?


One of the cheapest on the list next to Healthier for Life, GetSlim only costs £ 1 per week for the first three months.

If you were skeptical of its verification, this diet is also a partner of Public Health England’s Better Health campaign. After the £ 1 fee for the three months, a sneaky membership renewal in the fourth month brings your membership to £ 30 – so it’s worth seeing how much of a change you can see in yourself from the early months of the plan. .

The plan says, “Get thinner, healthier, and feel good in the comfort of your home with all the support and resources you need.” “


You get the first two weeks free, then a fee of £ 3.75. There is also an option for a personalized program of £ 15 per month.

The main difference with Noom is that it is psychologically based, which means that they base their diet plans on the expertise of nutritionists as well as cognitive behavioral therapists and Noom coaches.

There are no dietary restrictions so you can still enjoy your favorite “guilty pleasures” and they value long term, lifelong results. By creating habits that last, Noom may be worth the biggest investment sooner than the rest.

WW – Weight Watchers

WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers, is widely known for its celebrity advertisements, sodium convenience foods, and long-standing diet programs.

With the benefit of being free for the first four weeks, 30 days, a month, or however you market, the NHS recommends it to provide customization to suit your body type and habits, as well as live and on-demand coaching to encourage weight loss and stay healthy.

There is also face-to-face coaching and workshops available virtually or in person for the accountability side of things that inspire us to achieve our fitness goals.

Better health for life

The other cheapest diet plan, HfL also costs £ 1 per week.

“Eat plant-based foods, love the food and feel good,” the description of the NHS plan reads.

For vegan and vegetarian eaters, this diet plan will ensure that the recipes on offer and food features to connect have a range of creative plant-friendly options.

Also a partner of Public Health England’s Better Health campaign, HfL encourages people to feel better about themselves for life. To get the discounted rate on offer and in bulk, you can choose the standard quarterly subscription plan and enter offer code H22 at checkout to get the plan for £ 12 for 3 months.

Second nature

By far the most expensive on the recommendation list, Second Nature costs £ 10 per week.

Although the plan is encouraging not to lose weight in the process and focuses on long term progress and lifelong results.

Another partner in the Better Health campaign, Second Nature was the first digital program followed by the NHS to promote long-term behavior change and sustainable weight loss in a healthy way. They studied what people look for when they are hungry, how they get to work, and even how they eat.

You can get £ 15 off your first month by using a code on their site, and if you refer a friend you will both receive £ 20 off in the first month with a different code.

Slimming World

Another recognizable name, Slimming World is known to account for “syns” when people cheat on their diet.

At £ 4.95 a week, the big diet company has the tagline ‘touch hearts, change lives’.

Slimming World members are offered packs with recipes to follow

Personalized plans come with the freedom to not have to count every calorie, which can be a downward spiral, and instead focus on feeling better and sticking with your schedule. Also in partnership with Better Health, Slimming World offers free memberships as well as various ranks ranging from silver to bronze. A Silver membership would simply give you access to all of their website and the app as well as a membership pack and cookbooks that can come in handy so you know what to do.

MAN vs FAT football

With a catchy name, this plan says you can “lose weight your way, with a community of like-minded men.”

A diet aimed at football-mad men, priced at £ 6.87 per week. MAN v FAT Football is all about having a support network throughout the weight loss process and using the football field to do it. The plan specifies, however, that it is also intended exclusively for men with a BMI of 27.5 and above.

You can score real field goals in your local MAN v FAT Football community that will count towards your weight loss goals and your team’s performance.

You can use a code on their website when you sign up for 50p and get the first month at half price.

The NHS ‘own diet app

You can also download the NHS Weight Loss app and follow a 12 week guide to developing healthier habits and being more active. When you first start out, you simply add your weight and height details which calculate your BMI, then fill in your age, ethnicity (optional), and zip code to see if you are underweight, overweight, or obese. and the app will give you a recommended calorie. target to be achieved with the guide and the newspaper.

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