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Please, who is the most curious victim of the New Years season?

No, we are not referring to the nonsense conveyed by the Blokes of Breaking News. The results of two cities.

Speaking of tolls and stories, as usual, the 2022 season has its share of curtain rises. And again, social distancing curtains.

Ah, but did you notice on New Years that there is one thing that is a visible victim of the corona landscape? Like life itself.

New Year’s resolutions.

Nobody does them diligently in the New Normal like before, do they?

The fault of the pandemics which do not take the resolutions too nicely. Pandemics are possessed by the bad habit of meddling with expiration dates. New Year’s Resolutions (NYR), as also those who deign to dip into it.

The pandemic, perhaps, has spawned a new vocabulary that could best be or better described as the New Year’s non-resolution.

A state of hesitation that involves eyebrows rising to the sky at the stroke of midnight, like a million fireworks saluting the sky, asking for the galaxy of gods to be enlightened, as to whether or not we would survive the 2022 toll lists to be bothered by trifles like NYR Long Lists or Short Lists.

New Year’s success lists and lists with it

This Post New Normal vocabulary refers to any behavior defined by the dilemma of doing or not doing what we used to do – New Year’s Resolution Results Lists, Lists With, Miss Lists, Reject Lists, Lists of consolation or disapproval lists.

The pandemic has indeed robbed us of the days when New Year’s resolutions were written more religiously than Amarnath Yatras or Ayodhya andolans. Never mind if the NYRs turn out to be as fickle as our political coalitions or Donald Trump’s Twitter interpretations. From passionate pledges to quit smoking to preventing emergency diets from ending in smoke, before the pandemic a resolution has been spelled out for every reason, every season. Sadly, this season’s betrayal has robbed us of many reasons.

This new account of the New Year’s Non-Resolution thus throws up some tormenting thoughts:

To join or not to join power yoga to strengthen the fitness quotient. Because, we do not know if we will eventually learn the tastes of shirshasana or find ourselves in a position strangely resembling shavasana.

To give up or not to give up catastrophic vices for curves, like splurging on Sinful Double Trouble Donuts. Because, few are those who can understand what is ordered by the Covid curve, whether it is Death by Chocolate or Death by Delta.

Bad hair days and bad books

Doing or not playing sports to improve bad hair days in 2022, like a hair transplant or hair sauna from this neighborhood Chinese barber. First, remember that everything Chinese is to blame for the wave of Covid. Second, not to mention that the third wave could render follicular fate inconsequential no matter whether you walk out of the scene with curly waves or a bald head.

The curious case of hair today, disappeared tomorrow.

This New Year’s unresolved tale can be a boon or a bane, depending on who’s at the end.

“How about a New Year’s resolution to spend more time on textbooks than texting?” Hood-mummy pushed her Millennial to the dawn of 2022. Running the risk of being even more in bad books.

“Come on, haven’t you heard the Third Wave prophecies?” The Millennial rose from Zoom, to gurgling gyaan like a doom prophet. “Come Omicron, what matters most is a book – how to reserve a place in a Covid center! “

New Year’s resolutions will never be the same again, he stood up.

The curious case of the premature disappearance of a New Year’s tradition, by “book” or by crook.

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