Why the Lafferty family always drinks lemonade


The Lafferty family almost exclusively drinks lemonade in Under the Banner of Heaven, which connects to the family’s strict belief system.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Under the banner of heaven episodes 1 & 2.

Under the banner of heavenLafferty’s religious family almost exclusively drinks lemonade at their events — here’s why. FX on Hulu Under the banner of heaven tells the true story of the 1984 murder of Brenda Lafferty, which revealed hidden truths about Mormon religious extremism tied to the real life of the Lafferty family. Like Under the banner of heaven exploring the early days of Brenda and Allen Lafferty’s relationship, the series depicts the strange quirks, troubling past, and dangerous beliefs within the seemingly honest Latter-day Saint family.


One of the most peculiar recurring characteristics of the Lafferty family in Under the banner of heaven is the idea that they almost always drink lemonade. At every family reunion Under the banner of heaven episodes 1 and 2, the adult and child characters are only offered lemonade. While this is one of the least troubling aspects of the family, it’s yet another quirk of the Laffertys’ very traditional lifestyle that seems odd to outsiders.

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Unsurprisingly, lemonade being the Lafferty family’s favorite drink is due to the beliefs of Under the banner of heavenit’s Mormonism. Under the interpretation that Latter-day Saints should not put harmful substances into their bodies, many traditional and especially strict Mormons interpret this directive as prohibiting them from drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, “hot drinksor, for some, even caffeinated sodas. That doesn’t leave many options for still drinks other than water and juice, so Under the banner of uprisingThe LDS Lafferty family of n makes an abundance of lemonade in order to strictly follow the teachings of their religion.

Matilda Lafferty Pouring Lemonade

Lemonade also seems to be the easiest bulk drink for the Lafferty family to make for their gatherings, as their brood is extremely large. When the whole family gets together Under the banner of heaven episodes 1 and 2 to meet Brenda and help clean up their neighbor’s field, the Lafferty women are shown making lemonade out of huge containers. Even when it’s only Brenda, Allen, Dianna, and Ron having lunch together, the four only drink lemonade. Since Under the banner of heavenThe true story of will only see the Lafferty family rooted more in early Mormon traditions, lemonade and water may be the only drinks the characters will have in the FX series on Hulu.

The guidelines that Latter-day Saints are prohibited from beverages like coffee and tea come from the “Word of Wisdom” doctrine in Mormonism, which was a revelation by Founder Joseph Smith that God forbade them from such substances. . While doctrine said that Mormons were prohibited from “hot drinksmany Latter-day Saints do not apply this to non-caffeinated products, such as hot chocolate, hot water, or herbal teas. Thus, if Under the banner of heaven‘s are shown celebrating the Christmas holidays together, the series can replace their typical lemonade with cups of hot chocolate.

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New episodes of Under the banner of heaven released Thursdays on Hulu.

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