What to eat in an Indian diet for gestational diabetes during pregnancy


When you’re pregnant, your body produces progesterone, a hormone that relaxes all of your muscles, including those in your digestive tract. These relaxed muscles slow down digestion, which can lead to gas, bloating, burping, and gas more than usual, especially after a big meal. So, Somya Luhadia, certified physical trainer and dietician, reveals dietary advice that can help you solve gastrointestinal problems during pregnancy.

1. Eat at the same time every day so your body understands your pattern and builds metabolism

2. Avoid foods that are too salty and spicy

3. Avoid milk products if gastrointestinal issues are high

4. Eat high fiber foods like oats, quinoa, multigrain chapati, brown rice, millet

5. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, sipping throughout

6. Consume papaya as a fruit for breakfast 3-4 times a week

7. Take digestion drink, boil ajwain with saunf and jeera for 5 minutes, add lemon after 5 minutes of cooling, strain and do it!

8. Walk after meals for at least 20-30 minutes

Walk after meals for 20-30

9. Sit in lightning pose (vajrasana) after walking for 10 minutes

10. Do 15-20 minutes of bedtime exercise before sleeping

Full day meal plan

Morning drink:

2 glasses of warm lemon water

Early morning snack

4-5 almonds & 5 walnuts

Breakfast options

1. Almond milk smoothie

Almond milk (1 glass) with banana (1) + oats (2 tbsp) + museli (1 bowl) + dates (4-5) mixed together

2. Rolled oats, fruit oats

3. Green smoothie (spinach + apple + banana + honey + almond milk)

4. Vegetable Upma


Mid-morning drink

1. Aam panna (to carry ki chach)

2. Buttermilk

Aam Panna


1. Millet Curd / Quinoa

2. Quick Germs

3. Brown the vegetables

4. Vegetable roll

5. Rice & Daal

6. Bowl of rice

7. Quinoa Salad

8. Instant oatmeal

To taste

1. Roasted Makhane Beet Juice

2. Green tea with peanuts

3. Roasted Paneer

Having dinner

1. Masala Daliya

2. Instant Quinoa

3. Leftover rice salad

4. Leftover chapati recipe

5. Instant oatmeal

6. Vegetarian millets

7. Leftover Millet/Quinoa Daal

8. Salad Paneer

9. Brown the vegetables

10. Quick Vegetable Wrap

11. Veggie Brown Bread Sandwich

Having dinner

night drink

Any herbal tea

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