What do we need to know about intuitive eating

Unlike all the diets you’ve experienced and come across in your life, intuitive eating is a pretty simple idea. The main principle behind it is to stop categorizing food into good and bad and eat according to your body’s needs…you just listen to your intuition about food.

Dietitian Vidhi Chawla says, “Once you start practicing intuitive eating, you let go of your obsession with gaining or losing weight and focus on foods that are good for your overall physical and mental health.

Here she shares some initial steps you need to recognize on your path to intuitive eating.

honor your hunger

Since you’re not on a diet, you don’t have to starve yourself either. If your stomach rumbles and you feel like eating or even snacking, eat. You don’t have to ignore your hunger or suppress it. As humans we are bound to be hungry and eating intuitively is all about paying attention to your hunger and feeding your stomach until you feel full, mentally and physically.

Respect your body

Social media has influenced our mindset about our physique and portrayed an ideal image of the perfect body. Consuming such ideas can plant a seed of insecurity and doubt in our minds and we begin to reject our bodies. While food and exercise are ways to shape your body, so are your genes. Everyone is different and our genes play a major role in determining our body shape and size. Intuitive eating celebrates the diversity of all body types and the idea that we all deserve to be appreciated, loved and cared for.

Exercise for yourself

Intuitive eating encourages you to exercise and move not to burn calories, but because you find movement fun and feel good about yourself. Instead of forcing yourself to follow a set of rules that can help you achieve that “ideal” body, you move your body however you see fit. You can decide to choose to walk instead of jog every morning if it brings you joy.

Choose foods wisely

More importantly, you completely reject the idea of ​​dieting, guilt, and remorse after choosing your food. You reduce the voice in your head of negative judgment and decide to choose foods that satisfy you and keep you healthy in your own way.

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