We’re testing the Japanese candy maker’s recipes to find out how to make hard candy drinkable


Japanese confectioner Lotte, who loves the creative use of their products, shared some tips on how to make two sweet drinks using some of their hard candies: Koume Hot Lemonade, a pickled plum flavored lemonade, using its popular Koume hard candy, and Fruit Nodoame Green Tea, using their Fruit Nodoame hard candy. Our reporter Aoi Kuroneko decided to put these recipes to the test.

She first tried the Koume Hot Lemonade. The recipe calls for 6 Koume candies, 1/4 cup room temperature (or cold) water, 2/3 cups hot water, half a lemon, and 3/4 tablespoons sugar.


She first dissolved the sugar in hot water. Aoi used cane sugar so the water looks a bit brown.


Then she put the water at room temperature in a saucepan with the six Koume candies. She heated them until they melted. Be sure to stir while it heats or it will stick to the bottom of the pan.


Your da! She has finished making her Koume syrup.

Finally, she added lemon to the dissolved sugar and then added her Koumé syrup. Before showing what the final product looked like, let’s see how to prepare Fruit Nodoame green tea.


For this recipe, she needed many of the same ingredients as the hot lemonade: 4 pieces of Fruit Nodoame, 1/4 cup room temperature (or cold) water, 2/3 cups hot water, and 1 sachet of green tea.


First, she dipped the green tea bag in hot water. You can let it steep for as long or as short as you want.


As with the hot lemonade, she melted the four candies with water in a saucepan to make a fruity syrup.


Finally, she mixed the fruity syrup with the green tea to complete her drink.

▼ Hot Koume lemonade and Nodoame green tea with finished fruit


This is how his two glasses came out! She thought the light pink color of Koume’s hot lemonade was lovely and the Fruit Nodoame green tea looked refreshing. When she tasted the Koume Hot Lemonade, she was hit with an explosion of sweet and sour flavors. She thought it was as good a pair as lemon and honey. If you like sour drinks, this could be your next destination.

Aoi didn’t have high expectations for the Fruit Candy green tea since she only added four lozenges, but she was pleasantly surprised by the overall flavor. Although not super sweet, Fruit Nodoame contains herbal ingredients that gave the green tea a more complex flavor than if it had just added sugar, for a very refreshing result.

The biggest lemon Aoi learned from this was that hard candy isn’t just for eating. They are also great for adding sweetness and flavor to drinks. You could probably do this with any hard candy, and Aoi also notes that they taste great cold too.

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