Weight Loss: Woman Lost 10 Pounds in 7 Days Using Michael Mosley’s Fast 800 Diet


Dr. Michael Mosley is the man behind the Fast 800 diet, 5:2 plans and now Fast Keto. He’s helped thousands of people lose weight and reverse type 2 diabetes. Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to Kelly Stevens, 39, Manchester design manager, about his loss results weight.

Like many, Kelly has struggled with her weight since she was a teenager: “When I was in high school, I was always the fattest of my friends.

“I loved sports like track and field, running and long jump, but as soon as I left school and went to college, sports stopped and I gained even more weight I partied a lot and probably ate the wrong foods My weight steadily increased as I reached adulthood and I didn’t really know what to do about it.

“I’ve tried many diets over the years, including one-week juice diets that were hard to maintain and didn’t really work, so eventually I always gave up on them. None of the diets worked. seemed to help and I seemed to be around three stone overweight consistently for about five years.

“Although I was pretty optimistic most of the time, my weight gain got to me. I didn’t like the fact that when I walked I would be out of breath. I always saw a personal trainer, but all the exercises felt like really hard work which was not enjoyable.

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“I also found out that I had a default outfit for going out to dinner with my boyfriend that looked good on me, so I would always wear it.

“Also, I felt aware that when I went on vacation and had to wear bathing suits, there was no hiding – it happened to you after a while of living like this,” said- she added.

“In early 2021 I saw Dr Michael Mosley on Channel 4 on the show ‘How to Lose a Stone in 21 Days’. The show resonated with me as I felt like I was in a place similar to the people featured and I could see they were getting results in a reasonably short amount of time.

“I liked that The Fast 800 was science-led and I also liked that Dr Michael created the plan with his wife who is a GP. All the diets I’ve tried before seemed ‘faddy in comparison, so I was looking forward to trying it out and seeing if this one would work for me.

“I signed up for the program online and amazingly in the first seven days I lost 10lbs! I went from 14 stone 4Ibs to 13 stone 8Ibs in just seven days!

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“I was thrilled and although I found the first week difficult, I couldn’t believe how quickly and easily I got results. I stayed with the program for about three to four weeks, losing 22 books, but then I ran into an obstacle in the road. I had a few social engagements to attend and went to a few dinners with friends. Also, work was particularly stressful around this time so often I would finish the work and opened a bottle of wine to help me relax.

“As soon as I stopped following the program, I gradually regained the 7 kg I had recently lost, which was disappointing.

“Then in the coming months, my sister announced that she was getting married in the spring of 2022 and she invited me to be a bridesmaid.

“I was thrilled and really hoped it was the motivation I needed to help me lose weight again. I was convinced I had done it once, so I could do it again .

“We went bridesmaid dress shopping in August 2021 and I tried on dresses in a size 16 which fit me at the time. My action plan was to buy a bridesmaid dress. size 14 and over the next few months i will lose weight and fit into the dress in april 2022 in time for the wedding this time i had to lose weight.

“After enjoying Christmas, in January 2022, I decided to challenge myself for 75 days, knowing that marriage was not far away. My starting weight was 13 stone 12 pounds,” he said. she continued.

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“I decided to use The fast 800 online program to help me incorporate a healthy low calorie diet, then I would also introduce daily exercises including walking, yoga and some of the exercises in the Fast 800 online program. (I love the fresh air and the walk and I managed to walk 406 km in 75 days.)

“I entered my goals on the Fast 800 website and it suggested I try the Very Fast 800 stage of the program. This meant I had to try and stick to around 800 calories a day for three months at most. At the end of my 75 day challenge on March 17, 2022, my final weight was 11 stone 5.2 pounds! I had lost 2 stone 6.8 pounds,” Kelly said.

“I used the online program every day and my boyfriend and I cooked a number of recipes every night. Being a vegetarian I love that there were so many recipes that catered to my diet food, some favorites being lentils with basil pesto and cauliflower pizza.

“I was so surprised that I was not hungry throughout this period, although I must say that the first week was the most difficult. After that I went through the program and one of the unexpected side effects was that my skin cleared up a lot. I never suffered from severe acne, but I had occasional breakouts. My skin was now glowing!

“I also felt like I had more energy. Since I lost weight, I’ve started running again and it’s a lot easier this time because I’m not that heavy. I was afraid of gaining weight, but realized I responded well to challenges, so I signed up for a local running challenge and have to run a mile a day.

“Setting these goals keeps me motivated and I can manage my weight,” Kelly added.

“To be honest, I haven’t quite reached my target weight yet, as I would like to lose a few more pounds. However, I realize that for me, it’s about finding a balance between myself and myself. having fun socially and living a healthy life.

“I have now moved on to The New 5:2 phase and adapted it to our lifestyle. Some days my partner and I will be dieting, but other days we will be less strict if we have a social commitment We have a very good balance, so for me the main thing is to maintain the weight loss during the summer months.

Dr. Michael explained, “Eating well and achieving a healthy weight aren’t just about how you look. It’s about improving your mental well-being, protecting your brain, and preventing the development of chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Our answer is a Mediterranean-style diet, proven by science to be one of the healthiest in the world, while still being satisfying and delicious.

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