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Some strictly government controlled drugs are shown. Phentermine (third from left) is one of the main ingredients in DC diet pills.

Did you think diet pills from abroad could help you lose weight? It could be illegal drugs.

Although the number of cases linked to well-known drugs, such as marijuana and heroin, has decreased this year, there has been an increase in cases linked to the sale and consumption of illegal mind-altering substances since 2018, the city’s drug commission said. Monday.

Illegal mind-altering substances include certain diet pills, sleeping pills, and smart drugs. Of these, the percentage of cases involving diet pills is 85% (more than 200 cases), the commission said.

The diet pills mainly contained amfepramone and phentermine, which can . help control appetite by filling people up. But they have serious side effects such as over-excitement, insomnia and even psychological disturbances, according to the commission. To avoid these effects, the pills may also include diazepam, nitrazepam and flunitrazepam, drugs which have hypnotic, sedative and anxiolytic effects and which are also added in sleeping pills.

Smart drugs, which have been bought by parents for their children in recent years because they claim to make them smarter, contain modafinil and ritalin, which can excite nerves and are often used in narcolepsy and respiratory depression .

All of these ingredients are strictly controlled by the government. And the ingredients in diet pills can be addictive, so these pills are new types of drugs, said Tong Ming, deputy director of the narcotics division of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

The most famous illegal diet pill is the Dermcare Clinic diet pill, or DC diet pill, imported from Thailand.

“The drug’s effect on weight loss may not be obvious to different people. And it came with strong unpleasant side effects,” said Li Ling, head of the pharmacy department of Tongren Hospital.

She said a doctor would consider both positive and negative effects when prescribing drugs, because every drug has side effects, but he wouldn’t let patients take things as dangerous as DC diet pills.

Li Jian, director of the commission, said the DC diet pill was just a name, so many unscrupulous traders were likely to change their name to continue selling it and evade penalties. He stressed that shoppers should know what’s in the things they buy.

Tong said some people taking and selling diet pills have been arrested by police and further investigations are ongoing.

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