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GEORGE TOWN: The spike in Covid-19 cases coupled with the current hot weather has boosted sales of herbal tea and the “qingfei paidu” decoction in particular.

Qingfeipaidu literally means lung cleansing and detoxification in Mandarin, while decoction is the concentrated liquid produced from boiling herbs, especially for medicinal purposes.

Traditional Chinese medicine doctor Lee Yeng Yeng said the surge in demand has caused sales of the decoction to increase more than 10 times over the past two weeks.

“In the past, it was difficult to even sell 10 packs of qingfeipaidu herbal mix in a month. But now I get orders for over 100 packs a month,” she said.

Lee said the sudden surge in demand for the item was because many people believed the decoction helped negate body heat and discomfort, often associated with Covid-19 infections and side effects. of vaccination.

“The blend, made up of 22 herbs, is said to have detoxifying and cooling abilities to heal the heat and effects of Covid-19, as well as help clear phlegm in the chest.

“A lot of our customers were those who had just finished their vaccinations and were feeling feverish,” said Lee, 57, who is the owner of the second-generation shop here.

Checks have revealed that Chinese authorities have approved a number of traditional Chinese medicine products, known as “three formulas, three drugs”, as part of its standard therapy for Covid-19.

Qingfeipaidu decoction is one of the three formulas.

At a herbal tea shop here, 66-year-old owner Lam Foong Keng said herbal teas and chrysanthemum tea were popular items and sales had increased by around 50% since the Covid-19 cases started to increase again.

“Before, we depended on tourists, but many locals come back to support us.

“I now sell around 200 cups a day, with bitter tea and honey chrysanthemum tea being the most popular.

“Herbal tea helps treat cough, sore throat and fever while chrysanthemum tea cools and helps detoxify the body,” she said.

Other beverages sold in his shop include water chestnut and bamboo cane tea and ginseng and chrysanthemum tea.

Other favorite herbal decoctions include those of monk fruit, dandelion, sloe, and bitter nail.

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