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CHICAGO, February 17, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — American consumer health and wellness attitudes and behaviors are shifting from diets and “must-haves” to whole-body health and lifestyle changes that they will be sustainable, reports The NPD Group. At the start of the pandemic, stress and disorientation drove many consumers to indulge. Yet as the pandemic continued, consumers focused more on health and wellness, according to the recently released NPD America’s Health Pulse: Bridging the Gap Between Wants and Needs.

Dieting today for many consumers is not always about weight loss. For many, it’s about good nutrition and their well-being. About a quarter of American adults report to the NPD that they diet, and 16% of them follow “their own diet” versus a formal diet, such as intermittent fasting or keto. According to NPD, consumers today personalize their diets by adapting their formal diet or nutritional plans to meet their individual wellness needs and lifestyle changes.

Health and wellness goals vary across generations. Thinking long-term, older Gen Z, born 1997-2005, and younger Gen Y, born 1990-1996, are striving to look good or gain weight along with other health goals and of well-being. On the other hand, older and younger baby boomers are meeting their immediate health needs and want to stay healthy and live longer, according to the NPD report, which draws on several of the union’s research services. company, including its Health Aspirations and Behavior Tracking Service.

“The pattern of consumer attention to health and wellness shows growing awareness and adaptation at all levels,” says Darren SeiferNPD food and beverage industry analyst from the author of the “America’s Health Pulse” report. “This means that consumers no longer see health and wellness as an add-on, but as an integral part of how they live their lives; this, in turn, opens up the possibility for brands to become a permanent solution. .”

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