Upasana Kamineni Konidela under pressure to be a third-generation entrepreneur and wife of a superstar


Not everything in life is easy. Being born into one of the richest and most influential families in the country can help matters, but it’s still not enough to be successful. There is always the pressure to meet family expectations and heritage and, more importantly, to carve out your own space.

“It is commonly said that the first generation sows, the second grows and the third blows. I am the third generation. The pressure not to blow everything up is therefore very strong, ”says the 35-year-old. Upasana Kamineni Konidelawho wears the Apollo Hospitals empire torch forward with zeal.

As Vice President (CSR) of Apollo Foundation and Apollo’s life, Upasana, is the force that ensures that health care reaches as many people as possible. During the pandemic, she founded wellness startup URLife which aims to make taking charge of her health a simple, creative and enjoyable experience.

The social impact entrepreneur says she counts her blessings and is grateful to be born into an influential family. She realizes that comes with her own set of responsibilities.

“On one side (the in-laws) I have a big family of successful filmmakers and on the other side India’s biggest business family. People expect heaven on earth from us! It’s a lot of pressure. I can’t afford to panic, drop everything and leave,” Upasana says.

The third-generation entrepreneur takes the pressure in his stride and pushes himself to work harder every day. It is a great heritage that Upasana respects.

His grandfather Dr. Prathap C. Reddythe founder of the Apollo Hospitals empire, revolutionized healthcare in India, while her maternal aunts, Preetha Reddy, Sangita Reddyand Sunita Reddy as well as his mother Shobana Kaminenicarried the legacy forward.

“I was born into this family for a reason and if I don’t fully utilize my background appropriately, what’s the point? It pushes me to work harder,” she adds.

Working for more than 21 years now, Upasana decided early on to follow the path of social entrepreneurship. Since childhood, she has been surrounded by hospitals, medical experts and has been able to closely examine the agony of patients suffering from various diseases, including lifestyle-related.

“Making money doesn’t give me a high. If I can have an impact, support a lot of people on their journey, give jobs and make people happy with what they are doing, it would be rewarding,” she adds.

URL Lifetime Start

Started during the pandemic, URL Lifetime shares engaging content, backed by experts, including certified health professionals, fitness experts, and nutritionists, who provide people with first-hand access to trending health tips, nutrition, expert videos, diet plans, lifestyle hacks, consultations, healthy recipes, fun DIYs, and personalized services that empower users to live healthy and fit lives.

The platform has established more than 600 professional hubs through businesses across India and built a network of two million people through the B2B association.

“I talked to many people and realized that if a person leads a disciplined life, good health will not be far away. I’ve seen people cry about big hospital bills for lifestyle-related illnesses. So if we make the right choices, have access to correct information, and are continually encouraged to lead healthier lives and reduce emotional turmoil, it could drive us away from these hospitals,” says Upasana.

A strong advocate for mental health and well-being, the creator, as she likes to call herself, is extremely careful about her social media posts and content, keeping them bright, motivating and consciously positive, whether it’s whether it’s about sharing personal joys or expert advice.

While influencers play an important role in motivating audiences, it’s extremely important to have certified wellness professionals on board to personalize the journey and empower people with the science and study behind what influencers preach. .

“Wellness is not a cookie-cutter model. Our vision was very clear: fitness will improve, the injured will heal, and the lazy will start moving. You don’t go to the doctor to get the same prescription as someone else, it needs to be personalized. We wanted to give the same value to wellness professionals,” says Upasana.

Besides welfare, causes related to children, tribes, and nursing homes are close to Upasana’s heart.

In partnership with Save a Child Initiative (SACHi), the Foundation offers free digital consultation with Apollo doctors for underprivileged youth (16 years or below) across India, with over 200 pediatric specialists on board as human capital.

“Congestive heart failure and disease is a huge problem in India and Sanchi has performed over 5,000 free surgeries to date. protect the environment. Zoonoses are going to become a huge problem in the future,” she informs.

Living prejudices, life lessons

Surrounded by strong female leaders in the family, Upasana is extremely confident in her position as a female business leader herself, denying all the prejudices that surround her. However, she has had her share of struggle in the fight for a space in the wellness industry. She found common ground between an influencer and an expert – a curator.

“I was bought into an atmosphere where most things were centered around women. Over 57 percent of our company’s population are women,” she says.

Taking a vacation after 2.5 years with her husband, Upasana has now decided to slow things down and focus on the little joys in life.

“I have decided to take Saturdays off from now on. Ram (Charan Teja, her husband) has been a great supporter of my work. I learn a lot from him especially discipline. My effort to become disciplined in matters of health, work and life comes from my husband and my grandfather. He has just entered his 90th year and is still following the same routine. Does his puja, going to the office, spending time with the family… it motivates us! says Upasana, who is determined to revolutionize wellness in the truest sense of the word.

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Edited by Ramako Sengupta

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