Top 6 Best Tasting Diet Plans, Reviewed by Consumers

For those looking to lose weight with a potential diet plan, taste is very important.

Finding a meal plan that offers great food can make the difference in sticking to the plan or giving up in a very short period of time. But now you can take a look at how everyday consumers rated the most popular diet food programs for taste. conducted a blind tasting test to answer questions about how some of the most popular diet taste of food. They took their first test in October 2021 and have since completed another to get the most up-to-date results possible as diet companies are constantly updating their menus and inventory, according to the lifestyle editor. Polina Polishchuk.

The taste test looked at eight different companies that were rated in the breakfast, lunch and dinner categories. Meal plans for each program were ordered anonymously and included between 1,200 and 1,350 calories per day. Participants included men and women of different ages. And so that the results were unbiased, the test was “completely independent, with no input from health food companies and no visible branding to influence the opinion of our testers,” said Polishchuk.

And what did the results prove? Six diets have taken the lead when it comes to taste.

  • Bistro MD – Although this program only scored 58% on Diets in Review, it scored the highest on the Next Advisor taste test. Bistro MD received five out of five stars for its breakfast, lunch and dinner products, and was the only program to receive a perfect rating from taste testers.
  • Jenny craig – Jenny Craig has a 72 percent rating with our readers, and she came in second in the Next Advisor tasting test. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all received 4.5 stars, giving Jenny Craig the same overall rating.
  • Take-out diet – This program has a 74% rating on Diets in Review and its overall rating is tied with Jenny Craig at 4.5 on the Next Advisor tasting test. The breakfast foods scored the lowest on the taste test with just three stars, lowering the overall score. The lunch and dinner dishes both got a perfect score of five.
  • Biggest Loser Meal Delivery Plan – Readers of Diets in Review give this meal plan a 52% rating, but Next Advisor taste test participants gave it four out of five stars. Similar to Diet to Go, the breakfast rating of just two stars lowered the overall rating. The lunch and dinner meals received perfect five out of five star ratings.
  • Prepared fresh eDiets – Readers of Diets in Review give this meal delivery program the lowest score of the top six with just 25% approval. However, when tasting Next Advisor, it received a four out of five star rating. While breakfast was awarded three stars, lunch was awarded a perfect five star rating, while dinner was awarded 4.5 stars, resulting in an overall rating of four.
  • Nutrisystem – Nutrisystem obtained the lowest score in the Next Advisor tasting test, with the overall program rating being three. Breakfast received a four star rating, with lunch and dinner both receiving only three stars. Readers of Diets in Review rate Nutrisystem with 53 percent approval.

Seeing the results of this taste test can certainly provide advice when selecting a meal plan for weight loss. Impartial test results along with other important resources empower consumers to make the best possible choice for their individual weight loss goals.

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