The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. reveals the simple necessity he values ​​most behind the scenes


The essential indie-rock Shots have been touring since the late 1990s, and when they started, guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. and his bandmates were excited about the novelty of the simple amenities behind the scenes.

“I mean, at first you just get free beer,” he says. Over the decades, however, the band’s tastes have evolved.

In this episode of Herbal Tea & White Sofas, Hammond explains that these days he’s less excited about the free beer and more excited about the prospect of staying hydrated. “It’s going to sound silly, but I drink a lot of water, so I have liter and half bottles of water, and I have about two a day,” he explains. “So just seeing them is comforting, for some reason.”

Rockers also look forward to local specialties from the different countries they visit. “I know in Germany the breads are going to be great. The varieties you get there – seed bread, rye breads, all kinda homemade breads… just amazing breads,” he continues.

And while the band’s tour riders may have changed over the years, Hammond says he’s still excited — and a little nervous — about every gig.

“I think even at the quieter times, even though we’ve done a bunch of shows on the road, there’s always something going on. Because that’s what keeps the excitement there,” he recalled. “It would be pretty boring to just hang out without caring.”

Watch the video above for Hammond’s recap of his behind-the-scenes essentials and keep checking back for more installments of Herbal Tea & White Canapes.

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