The Best Alien Gifts for Your Superhero


No one can match a father’s love in this world. There is no way to repay the love our superheroes have given us by sacrificing many things in life. However, we can surely make our dads elated and super proud by surprising them with some adorable gifts this Father’s Day.

If you still don’t know what to get your superhero on this special day, don’t worry! We have the best gifts curated for you here.

Travel bags

Credit: Nasher Miles

Does your dad like to travel? If so, we recommend gifting her some amazing travel bags from Nasher Miles. Your father will be able to use it not only for travel but also for business trips and other outings.

Phoenix Market City Gift Card

Phoenix Market City Special Gift Card offers endless shopping options from multiple brands. The best part about the gift card is that it’s redeemable at any Phoenix mall nationwide.

Venue: Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla, Mumbai

Father’s Day special watch

Father's Day 2022
Credit: Spirit

Is your father a fan of accessories? So why not give him a special watch from the famous American brand Espirit? They recently launched a new Father’s Day collection to mark this special day, and what better way to show your dad your love than to surprise him with this amazing accessory! The new watch collection is specially tailored to the needs of Indian customers and is priced between Rs.9000 to Rs.12000 with a 3-year warranty.

Urban Plateau

Father's Day 2022
Credit: Urban Plateau

If your dad is a foodie, there’s nothing you can give him rather than something that screams food! Try giving her Amore – an Italian-themed gift set that includes unique ingredients to make the best food for that weekend.

The best coffee kits

Father's Day 2022
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If your dad is a coffee lover, it’s time to surprise him with some of the best coffee kits in town. Yes, you heard right. Lavazza India offers the best coffee kits at an affordable price. From the DIY coffee kit and combo of a mug and travel mug to the mini single-serve espresso maker and the sleek, compact coffee maker, you’ll get all the items here that scream coffee and caffeine!

The perfect skin care

Father's Day 2022

Have your dad sit back and relax while you treat him to a salon-worthy facial treatment with the O3+ Caffeine D-Tan Facial Kit. It is the perfect skin whitening gift kit that has multiple benefits. Its face scrub is known to remove blackheads, clear pores and cleanse the skin of all dirt and impurities. Plus, the facial cleanser helps tighten pores and replenish skin. Apart from this, the kit also comes with a massage gel to rejuvenate and restore the skin. Its caffeinated face mask works wonders on tanned or damaged skin.


Father's Day 2022
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Is your dad one of those fitness-obsessed people? Then visit Soulfuel and shower him with a plethora of things he would like. From delicious protein bars to multivitamin jellies, you’ll find it all here for your fitness-loving dad.


Father's Day 2022
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Help your superhero stay hydrated and fit with the protein-packed water benefits of Aquatein. It comes in not one but four refreshing flavors that include Orange, Green Apple, Strawberry, and Mixed Berry.


Father's Day 2022
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It’s time to say goodbye to old lime soda and help your dad taste something totally different that makes him happy. Try Malaki’s low-calorie craft drinks made with natural ingredients and fix that weekend plan with your dad.

Aromatic tea from Totally Infuzd

Father's Day 2022
1 credit: Totally Infuzd

Let your dad take a sip of Totally Infuzd’s finest tea harvested from India’s most worthy tea gardens with assurance of quality, taste and flavor to give the perfect tea garden experience. Plus, the luxurious packaging makes the tea ranges perfect for Father’s Day gifting. It’s time to give your dad something healthy and nutritious, because Totally Infuzd’s line of strains are known for their well-being and healthy lifestyle.

herbal tea

Father's Day 2022
Credit: Tea Paradise

Want to give your dad something more unique? Why not try to offer him a detox herbal tea available at Tea Heaven? The best part of the products is that no artificial flavors are used to make them so you get the authentic leaf tea taste and aroma that you have always wanted.

Impeccable products

Father's Day 2022
1 credit: Flawsome

It’s time to shower your busy dad with some amazing skincare products. Try gifting her with an amazing range of skincare items available in Flawsome. The brand doesn’t claim much and instead focuses on the fact that everyone should feel good, regardless of their flaws.

A special perfume

Father's Day 2022
Credit: Ozone Signature

It is undeniable that most people love perfumes and smells, maybe your father too! Why not give him an exotic essence of Ozone Signature for Father’s Day? The brand is known for using certified organic chemicals with no artificial colors, mineral oils, sulfates, parabens, or other preservatives.

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