The Absolute Best Starbucks Tea Drinks Ranked


This drink missed the top two spots on the list by a hair’s breadth. According to Reddit, to create Starbucks Secret Raspberry Milk Tea, start with iced black tea. Add half and half in place of water, classic syrup in place of liquid cane sugar, and raspberry and caramel syrups. If you’re looking for a tea drink that’s bursting with flavor without overloading on sweetness, this is the one for you.

The raspberry is savory and tart, while the tea is frothy and creamy thanks to the half and half addition. Neither the syrup nor the dairy overpowers the flavor of the black tea, which made us nervous. Instead, all three components come together for a moderately sweet, fruity, and milky fusion.

If half and half is too heavy for your liking, we don’t think the taste of this beverage will change much by choosing whole, 2%, or skim milk, and an alternative like coconut, oats, or milk. soy would work too. with slight flavor changes – but all of these options would mean your drink isn’t as smooth and creamy as the original. Raspberry milk tea is easy to drink all summer long, and only lost one point for its variable availability (some Starbucks don’t stock raspberry syrup, but you can try this tea with blueberry or peach instead).

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