The 5 best tea subscriptions to give away this year


We have immersed ourselves in the best tea clubs the internet has to offer. From the most experimental to the totally cheesy, there’s a tea subscription for every slow drinker. In short, there has never been a better time for the tea lover to explore the teas of the world from the comfort of their home.

If you have a tea drinker that you are shopping for this vacation, an organized tea membership or tea of ​​the month club could be the perfect gift. All teas can come from the same plant (that’s right!) But they are picked, processed and roasted in very different ways. Then it’s often blended with spices, roots, and herbs to create truly endless tea varieties, each with their own unique profile and personality.

There is a lot to explore when it comes to tea and a tea subscription that offers monthly selections of new, interesting and fresh tea is the gift for the tea drinker who keeps giving. They’ll definitely be thinking of you every time they pour hot water over a new cup of loose leaves and those relaxing aromatics start flying around the room.

If you are new to the tea club game, know that there are tea clubs and memberships to suit all styles, tastes and budgets. Most allow you to select the general type of tea that you or the person you offer it to typically drink – so if they don’t like green tea, you can make sure none of this is showing up. . The subscriptions we’ve chosen below also make great gifts, just be sure to enter your recipient’s address and not your own. Many allow a recurring subscription or allow you to prepay for three, six, or 12 months of delicious tea.

To help you find the best tea club in 2021 – for yourself or a loved one – we’ve tried a few popular subscription services to describe what they do better or different from the rest. And since appearance matters when giving a gift, we’ve included photos of how each tea delivery will arrive.

So go ahead, put the kettle on and browse the best tea subscriptions to give this season. We’ll update this tea subscription box article with new services as we try them out.

Simple Bulk Tea Company

If you’ve got an adventurous tea drinker on your shopping list, this is the monthly club to gift. My subscription mailing contained several teas that made me say “oooh, I wonder how that will be” or “I didn’t know you could make tea like this”. But most of them worked great, including a crème brûlée oolong and pumpkin-spiced black tea.

Subscribers to this loose tea service can choose from mixed tea subscription box, black tea box, green tea box or go all herbal and a new fresh and fragrant tea will be delivered monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. Each tin of fresh tea comes with an organized selection of teas (14 grams each) packaged with information about each of the different teas and packaged in resealable bags. The teas vary according to the season and the trendy flavors.

Price: A subscription for two teas per month is $ 12. It will be $ 15 for three teas and $ 18 for four.


Atlas allows you to further personalize your subscription. When you register for this tea subscription box, you note whether you want caffeine, no caffeine or a mix, specify whether you want green tea, black tea or a combination. You also choose how many teas you want per month – one or two.

Atlas lives up to its name with elegant teas sourced from some of the best tea producing regions in the world including many eastern regions like Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Nepal. Just like the Atlas sister subscription Coffee Club, all of these teas arrive with corresponding postcards that contain information about the region of origin of the tea. I, for one, love that touch and can’t think of a more delicious thing to go through while I sip the stuff.

The basic subscription for this service is not a huge amount of tea per delivery, so this is a perfect tea club for a moderate tea drinker or tea lover who has a standard morning variety but likes to mix in. a new herb or a fun oolong every now and then.

Price: A subscription of one tea per month (about 15 cups) costs $ 10 and two teas (30 cups) cost $ 14. Registration is simple and you can cancel at any time.

The art of tea

Art of Tea has one of the most intense tea clubs that we have come across. To get a feel for your preferences, you or the tea drinker you are offering will start with a nine-question tea profile quiz, collecting information such as what time you drink tea, what flavor you like. and don’t care – and even what kind of vacation you take (no, I don’t know why either). From there, you’ll have five membership types to choose from: Caffeine Free, Classic, Single Origin, Explore, and Pyramid. You’ll also choose a three-month, six-month, and 12-month plan.

Each monthly tea box sent contained only one type of tea which is very carefully chosen for you based on your quiz. I received 4 ounces of a hot masala chai in my first box and it was heaven on a chilly Sunday afternoon. It turns out that the algorithm works well, at least so far.

Each month between 2 and 4 ounces of tea will be shipped with information to dive deeper into the vast world of tea. The teas are selected according to the seasons and you will receive a new fresh tea each month. Be aware that depending on your tea club selection – single origin, classic, tea bags – Art of Tea sends a different amount of tea but the prices are the same. There is also an extensive shop for teas and tea related products if you are not a subscriber.

Price: A three-month subscription costs $ 70, six months costs $ 115, and a full year costs $ 220.

Tea runners

The fun thing about tea runners is that you will get new teas every month, but you will choose them from a menu of 15. If you don’t like anise or mint tea, you will. will not have to drink it. You will first choose a subscription type: blended teas, all black teas, all herbal or pure teas (no blends) and the company will send you four of your own rotating menu selections on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

I love this tea club for its very elegant presentation of the monthly mailings. There are also nice notes and descriptions from the curators of the program that make you feel like someone really took care of choosing the teas and you want to know why they like them. Big points of charm here.

Price: Subscriptions start at $ 25 per month and you can cancel anytime, but you’ll save 15% upfront if you sign up for a year.

Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea is a sprawling tea market with a subscription option if you choose. Sign up for the tea of ​​the month club and you will receive 50 bags of a new tea every 30 days. You can select a blended tea subscription or all your teas in a category such as all black teas, herbal teas, wellness teas and more.

The big difference between this tea subscription service and most other tea subscription boxes is that you can see six or 12 months of tea deliveries in advance and decide in advance whether the assortment seems to be the one you want to taste. This also makes it the perfect gift subscription since you will know which teas are coming but your loved one will be surprised every month.

Republic of Tea tea is great, but be aware that subscription shipping is a bit more clunky and impersonal than others. It’s a good gift for the pragmatic tea drinker on your list.

Price: Six months of tea club deliveries cost $ 109 and a full year costs $ 190.

More delicious delivery choices

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