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Falling off the diet grid every few days is the most common mistake made by those trying to stay healthy and following a weight loss/gain plan. A group of food entrepreneurs in metropolitan cities have realized that they can step in here to provide healthy meals to the population above. Not just with a quick in the pan approach, but on a healthy meal monthly subscription mode. The 2022 trend is to train and have meals delivered to your home. Meals calibrated according to your needs.

Lo! Foods, a chain of low carb and keto cloud kitchens, has launched subscription healthy meal services in Bangalore. It offers dietitian-prepared, chef-prepared meals that are keto-compliant and suitable for diabetes and weight loss. “With over 100 dishes on the menu, each dish is designed by a nutritionist and calibrated to contain less than 30g of carbohydrates. The service will soon be launched in Hyderabad and Delhi,” says Sudarshan Gangrade, Founder of Lo! Food.

Customers can choose from flexible meal combinations of lunch and dinner menus that offer meal plans ranging from seven days to 28 days. The menu changes daily. “With consumers becoming more health conscious, there is a marked increase in interest in healthy eating.

The subscription meal service is a solution for those looking for an easy and affordable way to maintain a balanced diet. In August, the brand launched a line of low-carb, sugar-free diabetic-friendly food products.

“A high percentage of our customers take our subscriptions to achieve their weight loss goals. But when we launched our High Protein plan and our Diabetic plan in February 2022, we had people who wanted to not only maintain/lose weight, but also improve their muscle mass.

Indeed, we have children around eight years old who are pre-diabetic to whom we offer our diabetic-friendly meal subscriptions,” says Gangrade. Their food is created with the specific macro limits needed to help customers achieve their health goals in mind.

Sprink.Online is also a healthy meal subscription model that offers hygienic and simple food to offices, hospitals, hostels, etc. Incorporated in 2020, this Bengaluru-based outlet allows customers to register, purchase and manage their subscriptions online. “The advent of digitalization, the subscription economy and the colossal demand for homemade food has exponentially grown the food subscription category in India,” says Kumar Setu, Co-founder and COO.

These catering services have nutritionists on board who ensure that they meet the necessary criteria for different types of diets. “Variety is achieved through menu engineering, and the AI/ML-based platform helps us aggregate demand from multiple customers who all have different food preferences,” Setu says.

Not only the food, even the paan, the after-meal indulgence, has become wholesome now. Prem Raheja, CEO of The Betel Leaf Co, has launched a paan subscription model that allows customers to order from their healthy menu – meetha seed delight paan at Rs 170, alcohol-free hangover paans (those at flavor of Cognac and Jack Daniels at Rs 195 for a four-pack). “We use sanitized methods for packaging and use FSSAI approved ingredients. It appeals to those who want a healthy after-meal indulgence. They currently deliver to Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai in addition to shipping across India.


  • What subscribers want: 75% North Indian meals, 15% healthy (keto + salads), 10% South Indian
  • Demographic breakdown – 70% young immigrants (25-35), 30% elderly (60+) (their children staying outside Bengaluru subscribe for their parents)
  • Young people from Tier 1 cities who migrate for work or study and do not want to be burdened with groceries and cooking opt for such services. Older people without support systems are also the main clients of these services.
  • Their clientele is made up of young people aged 23 to 38, active professionals (singles/couples) and residents of the city.

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