Six ways AI is dominating the fitness scene


The pandemic-riddled years have pushed the fitness industry to undergo a digital revolution. With gyms and training centers closed, people have turned to online platforms. Many tech-based startups have entered the market, harnessed technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and launched cutting-edge applications to help users achieve their health goals. A large portion of the Indian population is becoming more and more fitness conscious and changing their lifestyle rapidly.

The question is, how do these AI-powered apps really help Indians stay fit? Here are six ways AI has changed the face of this growing industry:

1. Collective health analysis

Your well-being is not determined simply by considering one or two parameters. The state of your body depends on several factors that require regular monitoring. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to correctly measure markers such as BMI, glucose, diet and nutrition, among others, with the click of a few buttons on your phone screen. You don’t have to go to the hospital. All you have to do is download the right fitness app.

2. Improved health and fitness plans

Your fitness regimen goes a long way in determining the timeline for achieving your pre-set goals. Everyone has different needs. The plan that works for your friend might not work for you. Sometimes it becomes difficult to get a 100% personalized routine in physical classes or gyms. However, AI-based apps have eradicated this problem. They effectively analyze the details entered by users, body parameters and goals. Once the scan is complete, these apps offer custom routines.

3. Increased Gadget Connectivity

We live in the age of smart wearables. From watches to patches, the market is full of such a range of products to meet the demands of fitness enthusiasts. AI helps make your experience with these fitness devices and apps more satisfying. It strengthens the connectivity and adaptability of the application with portable devices. Some AI-based apps provide seamless connectivity to gadgets, allowing users to track their health and fitness throughout the day without missing any details.

4. Smart Assistants

Do you think switching to a physical gym app will take away the comfort of consulting your trainer anytime? You are wrong! Modern AI-based apps are your fitness assistants. They instantly connect you to a nutritionist, offer personalized workouts based on your health data, and offer solutions for all your fitness needs. Some platforms even give you the option of offline use, optimizing your overall experience.

5. Motion Tracking

Have you ever wondered that only a trainer can help you correct your posture? how can an app do this? AI makes this possible. It uses your phone’s camera to monitor your workouts. If you do an exercise wrong, it will quickly notify you, simultaneously identifying errors in your form. Additionally, these apps provide suggestions on ways to correct your posture. Some platforms even offer alternative workouts and videos to help users further.

6. Impeccable nutritional rating

Your meals are an essential part of your health and fitness journey. The inclusion of AI in this area has also been a game changer. You don’t need to visit or consult a nutritionist to follow a healthy diet. These new-age applications have the particularity of analyzing all the contents of your meal by simply scanning a photo of your plate. Moreover, they even identify the deficiency and suggest personalized diet plans based on your body’s needs.

(The author is the CEO and co-founder of StepSetGo)

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Posted: Sunday, April 24, 2022, 07:00 IST

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