Scott Morrison’s weight loss journey revealed after Anthony Albanese luge


Scott Morrison’s sled to Anthony Albanese’s shrunken waist has been undermined by the Prime Minister’s own weight loss bid and ‘man shake’ diet.

Scott Morrison’s makeover sled directed at Anthony Albanese’s shrunken waist has been undermined after it emerged the PM recently turned to ‘shake man’ to shed pounds and revelations that his office had previously discussed his “dramatic thinness” with the media.

The Prime Minister’s proud dad became an election issue after he chose to bring up the Labor leader’s 18kg weight loss on national television to suggest he was a fraud.

“I don’t pretend to be someone else. I always wear the same sunglasses,’ Mr Morrison said Paul Murray Live.

“Unfortunately, the same costumes. I weigh about the same height and don’t mind a bit of Italian cake. I don’t pretend to be someone else.

The bizarre sled followed a question about Labour’s economic policies and Mr Albanese’s suggestion that he take inspiration from the Hawke government.

However, less than a year ago The Australian The newspaper reported: “Scott Morrison celebrated his 53rd birthday not with a cake but with a Man Shake meal replacement drink in a bid to lose weight.”

Man Shakes are advertised as the “fastest and easiest way” for men to “lose the beer gut without losing all the beers”, and cost $44.95 for a bag of 15 shakes.

In October 2018, shortly after being promoted to the top job, numerous reports surfaced that Scott Morrison was ‘dramatically thin’, with the Prime Minister’s Office confirming he had changed his diet and habits of exercise.

A Daily mail story titled ‘Scott Morrison’s ‘Dramatic’ Weight Loss in Just THREE Weeks: How the Prime Minister Lost Pounds by Changing His Diet Since Winning the Top Job’, claimed he lost weight weight and that the prime minister’s office had confirmed this.

At the time, the Prime Minister was grilled by The sun is rising David Koch on his weight loss, joking that he didn’t know how it happened.

” I’ve no idea. I always enjoy a beer. I’m still doing all the things I used to do. Maybe it’s just the frenetic energy and pace that I’m setting, Kochie,” he told Seven Network.

“I don’t know if I lost any, Kochie. It kind of surprised me when someone mentioned it,” he said.

The Prime Minister claimed his wife Jenny laughed when she read about his alleged weight loss.

“She actually did. I guess it’s just hard work, Kochie,” he said.

Media at the time reported: ‘The Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that Mr Morrison had changed his diet, but they declined to elaborate or confirm how much weight he had lost.’

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull lost 14kg due to a radical Chinese herbal tea diet in 2011 and former Treasurer Joe Hockey underwent gastric sleeve surgery for health reasons.

The prime minister is no stranger to being the butt of cruel teasing over his physical appearance.

After returning home from his controversial trip to Hawaii in 2019, he was spotted spending a day at Bronte Beach in Sydney with his family carrying budgie smugglers.

Footage of his day at the beach sparked vicious attacks online with one commentator on a story telling the Prime Minister: ‘Go fire-fighting, you useless dirty slob.’

It was also reported that the Prime Minister had an exercise bike at The Lodge. In 2019, Mr Morrison regularly talked about his daily swims to keep in shape on Instagram.

“Great day for a quick swim in Sydney! Twenty rounds always clear the head. I try to find time to swim almost every day, wherever I am in the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, Labor leader Bill Shorten said the Prime Minister had a ‘little green monster’ attack.

“As for makeovers, I remember Mr. Morrison before the last federal election. You know what, he seemed to have a new pair of glasses and did his best to get a makeover,” he said. Today.

“I think the little green monster is sitting on Mr Morrison’s shoulder and he’s jealous of Albo.”

Nine News political reporter Chris O’Keefe has accused Mr Morrison of bullying the Labor leader over his weight loss.

“It was a low blow from the prime minister,” O’Keefe said on Today. “The Australians will not put up with it. It’s bullying.

“Albo lost 14kg because he took a health kick. Good luck to him. It’s called discipline. Isn’t that what you expect from a prime minister? ?

How Albo lost weight

Mr Albanese previously revealed he had cut down on his carbohydrate intake and quit drinking alcohol to lose weight. He has also bought a treadmill in his office in Canberra and takes his dog for longer walks.

Recently, he bragged about achieving his goal weight of just under 80kg.

“Absolutely no bread,” Mr. Albanese said.

“Pasta is the toughest with a name like Albanese; it’s mostly your go-to food.

“My son is not completely thrilled with my diet change as we used to eat pizza once a week.

“But fish with some vegetables or a salad is also very easy.”

He said a motivating factor was his near-death experience in a car accident.

“I went alcohol-free for three months and cut carbs – potatoes, bread, pasta, and just increased my exercise as well,” he said.

“But I haven’t tried to do anything too dramatic other than give up alcohol. I don’t drink during the week and I drink wine on the weekends and beer occasionally. , but I have just reduced my consumption.

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