Rebel Wilson criticizes the report on the use of the Mayr diet


Rebel Wilson is a brilliant actress widely regarded for her acting skills that spice up every production she has been involved in, including the musical comedy series “Perfect.”

Wilson has always been confident with her appearance as she was previously known for her plus size figure, which she often acted as such in several movies.

A few years ago she lost a lot of weight and recently there have been talks about how she achieved her now striking figure. However, she addressed the rumors on her Instagram story.

Rebel Wilson claims she’s never endorsed diets or magic weight loss pills

Instagram | Rebel Wilson

“That was NEVER my diet, please stop writing this stuff,” Wilson wrote in her story in response to the Daily Mail’s allegedly false report of her diet plans. The movie star posted a photo from the entry of the article which said:

“How to eat thin like Rebel Wilson: Aussie star reveals the daily diet she used to lose an extraordinary 35kg and become one of Hollywood’s leading ladies.”

The article further attributed his significant weight loss to the Mayr Method diet, which the outlet believed he had followed for several months.

Another history article showed Wilson dealing with allegations about her involvement in endorsement deals for diet pills, diet drugs, or cryptocurrencies, which she never endorsed.

She further stated that if anyone sees such an online involving her, they should report it as a scam and not send it to her as a DM.

Rebel Wilson's post on her Instagram story
Instagram | Rebel Wilson

The 42-year-old continued, “If I endorse something, you will only see it as official posts on my official, verified social media.”

Later, she shared a concluding post who said “Thanks, everyone – it’s really annoying when people use my image illegally or in a misleading way. I do NOT want anyone to get scammed. I love you guys xoxo.

Wilson’s weight loss was not fully accepted by her team, who were initially unsupportive as they wanted her to remain the “funny fat girl” on TV.

Like the explosion previously shared, the actress told BBC News her whole weight loss journey, including the heartbreaking reactions she received when she started her “year of health”.

She revealed that she received “a lot of rejection” from her team in Hollywood when she decided to transform and change her life.

Rebel Wilson's post on her Instagram story
Instagram | Rebel Wilson

“And they were like, ‘Why? Why would you do that?’ Because I was making millions of dollars being the funny fat girl and being that person,” the “Isn’t It Romantic” star revealed his team’s perspective.

Although she is confident about her former appearance, she confessed that her “emotional eating” pattern was not healthy, as she used to smother her emotions with food.

She continued: “I think it was about not being a natural performer and having to perform every day. And that pressure and that internal stress to be able to perform like that.

Her remarkable transformation drew a lot of attention and praise from fans, which was “fascinating” for the performer who felt “invisible” before her weight loss.

Losing weight didn’t mean Wilson could easily give up emotional eating. In another interview, she admitted that she wasn’t perfect and still rarely ate “sinful snacks”, but had learned to cope better.

the “Hustle” The actress misses her hosting duties and makes humorless jokes

Rebel Wilson Talks Fertility Struggles Calling It Out
Instagram | Rebel Wilson

Despite Wilson’s experience in hosting successful shows in the past, her duty as host of the 2022 BAFTA Awards was not so eye-catching as audiences did not find her humorous.

The Blast shared this fans complained about the program on social media, saying it wasn’t funny and sucked at entertainment.

Before taking on her hosting duties, the Australian producer announced the news, saying she was honored to be the presenter of the awards show.

She further informed her followers that she wouldn’t be funny at the ceremony as she was “no longer fat” but promised that everyone would love her.

Wilson joked about several stars on the occasion, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Harry, his wife Meghan Markle and Prince Andrew.

She mentioned that DiCaprio does indeed like his “young” women. At the same time, she also referenced Prince Harry and his wife’s outrageous interview with Oprah Winfrey, saying the conversation was a combination of drama, horror and fantasy.

Her jibe to Prince Andrew was that she originally planned to do a musical performance on roller skates on the prince, but decided to keep her voice for the “Cats” after.

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