Nutritionist Rishi Behl Offers Science-Based Nutrition and Workout Plans


Rishi Bhel is a Certified Sports, Clinical Nutrition (DPI) and Fitness Coach as well as an ISSA Transformation Specialist. He is originally from the city of Delhi and serves clients all over the world. He has made a name for himself in the nutrition, fitness and sports industry thanks to his knowledge and the spread of the science behind workouts, diets, talent, credibility and effective methods.

Rishi Bhel is the founder of a very successful organization called RBFWG. The organization offers tailored training and diet programs and has a global customer presence. RBFWG as an organization is dedicated to its mother and is designated as an ArtiBhel company.

He also owns a gym called “Studio RBFWG”. This is where he virtually trains his clients and has a global client base.

Rishi Bhel has a very unique combination of being certified in both areas of nutrition and training. He masters both areas from a clinical and sports nutrition perspective as well as workouts and this is what makes him a very legitimate and deadly combination of providing comprehensive nutrition advice and workouts. coaching. His clients (RBFWG) range from people with illnesses aiming for sport-specific goals such as weight loss and lean muscle gain.

Rishi Bhel is also known for spreading the science behind calculating macros against calorie deficit only. He uses science as a powerful weapon to develop diet plans for his clients and he offers tailor-made diet plans that meet different needs. He ensures that the diet is in accordance with the lifestyle and food preferences of his client. He is among the first in India to introduce the concept of calculating macros.

The fitness industry in India is booming. People have become more inclined to lead healthier and better lifestyles. In these times, the importance of fitness trainers and nutritionists cannot be underestimated.

Rishi Bhel is a certified clinical and sports nutritionist. In most cases, we only find one specific field specialization. He is a transformation specialist and ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) personal trainer. He is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (DPI) and Sports Nutritionist.

Hence, it bridges the gap between dietitians and personal trainers and vice versa.

Rishi Bhel also uses a very scientific approach in all of his training methods. All of its diets are science-based. He uses techniques such as tabatas, animal flow, and full body workouts to help his clients achieve desired goals.

As a physical trainer and nutritionist, Rishi Bhel’s customers come from India, Dubai, Europe, the United States, etc. RBFWG’s ratings are more than excellent and testify to the effectiveness of Rishi Bhel’s methods. Its clients are top athletes, artists, businessmen and national and international manufacturers. For example, his RBFWG organization serves Mr. Pankaj Munjal, President and CEO of Hero Cycles Limited.

Previously, Rishi Bhel held executive positions at Fortune 500 companies such as Oracle and Adobe Systems. After a while, he made the decision to combine his passion for fitness with professionalism. This is how his organization RBFWG was born. For Rishi Bhel, fitness is not only important but also transformative. In a brief informal discussion on the matter, he said: “Studies have repeatedly shown the relationship between physical and mental health. I advocate fitness not only for a healthy and strong body, but also for a calm and stress-free mind. My goal is to influence more lives and get people to make the life-changing choice to pay unwavering attention to fitness.

Through his unique diets and training methods, Rishi Bhel has made a positive impact and helped over a thousand people achieve great results. It also has a track record of one hundred percent results guaranteed, as long as the client is willing to work sincerely.

In his personal life, he is a great devotee of Waheguru Ji. He practices what he preaches and stays fit 365 days a year. He trains 2 hours a day and follows a disciplined diet. His mother is his lifeline.

Rishi Bhel is a social worker and motivational speaker. Rishi’s mother is also a social worker. It educates underprivileged children free of charge.

In the field of fitness and nutrition, Rishi Bhel is one of the most successful entrepreneurs. His organization RBFWG’s 5-star reviews on Google Business by satisfied customers are a testament to the effectiveness and change in Rishi Bhel’s methods.

As a fiery concoction of a sports nutritionist and fitness trainer, Rishi Bhel continues to work with the goal of expanding his client base and introducing healthy change in people’s lives. Based on his knowledge and comprehensive portfolio in nutrition and fitness, he is a true transformation specialist.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in the creation of this content.

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