NJ Baker Brings ‘Truly Authentic’ Hungarian Dessert to Nutley


NUTLEY, NJ – You know you create truly tasty – and authentic – Hungarian cuisine when you’re invited to the Embassy in Washington DC But it’s just a little taste of the international flavor that Nicole Shaw-Provillon brought to Nutley with her bakery-boutique, Kurly Kürtősh.

Much of the bakery’s success is due to one of its iconic desserts, chimney cake (also known as kürtőskalács). A ‘truly authentic Hungarian experience’, Shaw-Provillon and Kurly Kürtősh have baked over 15,000 pasty and sweet treats since 2018, when the business operated primarily through pop-up shops, private catering, and corporate functions.

But now, idiosyncratic desserts have a new home in Essex County. Having previously operated in Essex, Bergen and Union counties, Shaw-Provillon eventually settled on Nutley after scouring the area and finding out the store’s current location.

Kurly Kürtősh celebrated a smooth opening in his new dedicated storefront at 74 East Passaic Avenue in September.

Shaw-Provillon told Patch that it sources its ingredients from a major local spice supplier, as well as international gourmet wholesalers in its quest to “preserve the best flavors from around the world.”

So far, the recipe has hit the mark – and more. Kurly Kürtősh has worked with brands such as Bloomingdale’s, Williams-Sonoma, The Nutella Cafe-NYC, Lord & Taylor, J. Crew, Citigroup and Unilever. The combination of this unique dessert and a creative concept even caught the attention of Bank of America, which used its Women Business Owner feature to shine the spotlight on Shaw-Provillon in 2019.

Nutley’s new store gives Shaw-Provillon a chance to spread its wings in other ways; the menu includes locally roasted coffee, locally grown herbal teas, and the popular Kurly Kones (cone-shaped chimney cakes served with ice cream).

The company will continue its opening phase smoothly during the winter with a retail service from Wednesday to Sunday from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Shaw-Provillon offers more information about the origin of Kurly Kürtősh on their website:

“It all started in 2013, when my husband accepted an international mission in Budapest, Hungary. With little knowledge of Central Europe but a love for travel and adventure, we packed our two young children and jumped at the chance. Budapest has become our new home with countless produce markets (food first!), A host of close Hungarian and international friends and a city with a lot to discover. But it wasn’t until I tried my first chimney cake that I really fell in love with Budapest. I couldn’t understand why this secret treasure was not all over America. In the midst of a corporate job search, I decided to embark on an adventure that would change my life forever.

Shaw-Provillon continues:

“It all started outside a local market in Bosnyák tér with my non-English speaking chimney cake teachers. With little communication, I quickly figured out how to make chimney cakes. But only when I was introduced to an authentic chimney cake baker., with an award winning recipe, experienced the passion and care that comes with the art of chimney cake baking. (This time with a Hungarian translator at by my side.) I spent countless hours baking fireplace cakes only to fall in love with it even more with this secret treasure that immediately made everyone happy. I threw parties for friends and had spent countless hours baking chimney cakes with my mentor and at home. I also participated in an effort to set a chimney cakes record for the Guinness World Book of Records in Hungary. I traveled with Hungarian-Romanian friends in Trans ylvanie, one of the many theories of its origin, to discover many extra-long chimney cakes with a soft charcoal-baked dough. The best experience ever! “

When it came time to return to the United States four years later, Shaw-Provillon adapted the recipe and honed her pastry skills at the Culinary Institute of America. Today, with the help of an extensive support system called “Dream Team”, Kurly Kürtősh has started selling bricks and mortar.

And local foodies keen to learn more about Hungarian cuisine – or who just want to indulge themselves – are delighted she did.

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