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Rapper Wiki, real name Patrick Morales, is in shock from his first gig in London for a minute. Last week at Camden’s Jazz Cafe, the 28-year-old fired up his fans with compulsive tracks from his critically acclaimed third solo album. demigod (2021) – and he loved every minute of it.

It was disgusting, a really good hip-hop crowd,” Wiki says, zooming in from her Airbnb in the city, the sun shining through the windows. There was a great energy and atmosphere. People were super receptive and it felt good to be back. London is my favorite place to play outside of my hometown.

A New Yorker through and through, musically, Wiki has circled the block a few times. From 2011 to 2016, he was part of the underground hip-hop group Ratking and then Secret Circle, before cutting his teeth as a solo MC on his 2017 debut album, No mountains in Manhattan.

Last years demigod, however, marked a serious period of growth and self-reflection for Wiki. Entirely produced by his good friend Navy Blue, AKA skater and musician Sage Elsesser, it was something of an ode to New York City, fueled by his anger at the city’s relentless gentrification and his appreciation for its tight-knit communities.

A symbiotic match, Navy Blue’s hypnotic beats provide the perfect backdrop for Wiki’s rhythmic flow and vulnerable, witty lyricism: Unscrew the top every moment, put an end to the blues/But then it turns into a cycle, can’t stop the blues/So I had to put an end to the booze” to I can’t do this alone; Damn love, it’s myself I gotta contact / It’s my health I gotta master” to All that I need, featuring childhood pal Earl Sweatshirt.

Collaboration is an essential part of everything I do,” Wiki continues. The navy arrived like, I’m going to produce this album for Wik.’ That was always the intention, which made the process really smooth. It was just a feeling, we came together very freely – nothing was over thought or over conceptualized.

And 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for Wiki, which has a crazy project” with producer Tony Seltzer in the works, as well as a bunch of music,” he’s still figuring out the best way out. But for now, get your 100% fill on Wiki below.

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