M&S teams up with Gareth Southgate to launch its ‘Eat Well, Play Well’ healthy eating campaign


A campaign to boost healthy eating has been launched by Marks & Spencer in partnership with some of the biggest names in British football.

The multi-year agreement backed by the national teams of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland aims to help families make healthier choices when picking meals, using the slogan: “Eat well, play well”.

Players will reveal their favorite recipes and eating plans, using a range of M&S Food products, branded with the floral M&S Eat Well logo.

There will also be online news from players, managers and footballing legends sharing their favorite Eat Well products with customers to promote healthy diets.

M&S Food says its partnership is designed “to use the power of football and the influence of some of Britain’s footballing greatest heroes to help families make healthier choices”.

Gareth Southgate (above) supports Marks & Spencer’s ‘Eat Well, Play Well’ campaign

England men’s national team manager Gareth Southgate has given his support, as the England women’s team debut the Eat Well flower and M&S Food logo on their training kit.

M&S Food says its partnership with the UK Men’s, Women’s, Youth and Disability National Teams “aims to improve the health of families for the next generation” by “shining the spotlight on what players eat to help inspiring families to eat healthier this summer and beyond.”

The retail giant adds: “It will connect the eating habits of much-loved football heroes to the way they play, promoting positive messages about healthy eating for children in a way that is engaging, relevant and drives change. .”

“Using the influence of soccer heroes, the partners aim to not only make healthier food choices easier for families, but also to show that quinoa and kale aren’t necessarily healthy and balanced – it can actually be much more fun and tastier!’

M&S Food says it offers nearly 2,000 “high quality, trusted value Eat Well products”, helping families make healthy choices that are both easy and delicious, and empowering fans to “really eat like their heroes.” football, regardless of their age or football ability”.

England boss Southgate is all smiles with M&S marketing director Sharry Cramond

England boss Southgate is all smiles with M&S marketing director Sharry Cramond

The campaign will also involve the distribution of fruit to children in M&S stores.

Fans will be targeted with messages encouraging them to eat healthy “be it before or after the game, or just a quick snack before going to watch their home team play”.

The campaign follows a survey suggesting that 53% of Britons are concerned about the health of their families. The M&S Family Matters survey also found that a third of people had ‘concerns about getting nutritious foods into their diet’.

As part of the project, English players will also receive a special smoothie bar so they can

get fresh, nutrient-packed Eat Well smoothies whenever they want at their St George’s Park training base.

England men’s team manager Gareth Southgate said: “Through our partnership with M&S Food and Eat Well, we aim to help families across the country make healthier food choices using the power soccer.”

“We believe the fuel and recovery habits of all England players play an important role in their development and performance and partnering with M&S Food on joint initiatives will help inspire and influence this across the teams’ English journey. male, female, young and disabled. .’

Sarina Wiegman, England Women’s Team Manager, added: “It’s great that we have partnered with M&S Food and our elite players, from senior to development squads, will be able to encourage healthy eating. “

“We cannot underestimate how important this is and this partnership supports it with the food range on offer.

“I know our players will enjoy the new ‘Boost Bar’ that has been installed in St. George’s Park, where they can enjoy fresh Eat Well smoothies to support their fuel and recovery goals.”

Stuart Machin, the new CEO of M&S, said he was “equally passionate about partnership and health”, and about the importance of “making healthier choices more accessible”.

He added: “Today I will be writing to all of our customers about this partnership and our goal to make a real difference to health and inspire the next generation.

“Leveraging the influence of gamers as role models, we want to encourage kids and families to make healthier food choices by choosing Eat Well.

“We have nearly 2,000 delicious Eat Well products in our Food Hall, from high-quality fruits and vegetables to meals, snacks and beverages, all at reliable value.

“We are constantly developing and improving our ranges, to offer our customers delicious and healthier choices every day”.

Ian Baraclough, coach of the Northern Ireland senior men’s team, said: “Nutrition in football has come a long way since I was a player in the late 80s and 90s; our after-meal match was less sophisticated than it is today!

Southgate said at the launch:

Southgate said at the launch: “Through our partnership, we aim to help families across the country make healthier food choices using the power of football”

“Our current players are put through specific programs to give them the best possible fuel for games and to help them recover after the game which is so different from my time.

“Our players are such icons in Northern Ireland and I believe this partnership with M&S Food and Eat Well will help give aspiring footballers of the future real insight into what their heroes are eating and inspire them to eat and drink. train as best they can. .’

Scottish men’s head coach Steve Clarke added: “Through our partnership with M&S Food and Eat Well, we aim to help families across the country make healthier food choices using the power of football. .

“What our players eat is essential to performance and we are delighted to be able to use our national teams to deliver such an important message to future generations – and perhaps inspire the Scottish internationalists of tomorrow.”

Gemma Grainger, Cymru Women’s Manager: “Our players are great role models for young girls and boys in Wales and we are proud of the way they use their platform to promote healthy and active lifestyles to families. “

“We have seen significant growth in our attendance over the last twelve months and it is great to see so many families cheering us on in the stands!” We hope they will be behind us against Slovenia in Cardiff on September 6.

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