Losing weight? It’s child’s play! .. Dromore’s husband-and-wife team revamped diet and exercise regimens


Milestone birthdays and a desire to be good role models for their three children inspired Kelly and Alan Corbett to review their health and weight.

he husband and wife from Dromore have lost almost five stone between them but have found renewed life and a taste for running, having not run before since their school days.

The couple, owners of Corbett Haulage, married since 2008, celebrate their 40th birthday this year and discovered the Cinch Fast 30 program on Instagram seven months ago, launched by Angela Hunter and Nicola McIlhagger.

“Like everyone, I guess, you get to that point where you’re just fed up,” Kelly says.

“I tried all these different diets and came across the Cinch Fast 30. I knew girls who had started it and found it really interesting.

“I joined Slimming World where I tried calorie counting and Alan always did that with me, but you never stick with it.


Alan and Kelly have found a renewed interest in walking and running since losing weight

Alan and Kelly have found a renewed interest in walking and running since losing weight

“We have decided, let’s do something about it and the rest is history. We just jumped on board.

“It was totally different because it wasn’t like your other regular diets, your calorie counting, you weren’t weighing, you weren’t measuring. It was just that you chose your window, your eating schedule.

“I was also fed up with the weight, I felt sluggish and just overweight. And it was more of a boost for my health too,” says Alan.


Alan Corbett before and after weight loss

Alan Corbett before and after weight loss

Alan Corbett before and after weight loss

“And I’ve tried other weight loss plans, but it’s unlike anything I’ve tried before; it’s really, really easy to follow and like second nature now.

Cinch Fast 30 focuses on health first and challenges the culture of food. The plan introduces the concept of intermittent fasting with a whole food approach, designed to aid weight loss and improve well-being.

Insulin production is reduced, encouraging the body to use the energy in stored fat cells, promoting weight loss.


Kelly Corbett before and after weight loss

Kelly Corbett before and after weight loss

Kelly Corbett before and after weight loss

Short periods of fasting help promote autophagy, which is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells to regenerate new, healthier cells.

The Cinch Plan doesn’t specify what foods to eat, but rather when to eat them, changing meal times and counting the benefits of foods, not calories.


Alan and Kelly Corbett before and after weight loss

Alan and Kelly Corbett before and after weight loss

Alan and Kelly Corbett before and after weight loss

“As the days went by, I adapted to it, just like Alan; Honestly, it has become like second nature,” Kelly says.

“There was no need to think about it. There wasn’t, I can only have that, there’s only so many sins in there. Nothing is restricted. That’s what we like.

“I had a headache on the first day. But you have the WhatsApp group, which is absolutely fantastic, and I saw everyone coming in and out saying, I would have a really bad headache.

“Nicola and Angela were on hand; as soon as you drop a text message, one of them comes right back to you. And they said, until your water, it’s just your body adapting.

“I would honestly say, by day three or four, I was on it. It honestly came as second nature. There was just no thinking about things. And they were getting me ready for meal times and then I closed my window at six o’clock.

“Believe it or not, with Alan at the wheel, he adapted very well too. In fact, I was shocked at how quickly he adapted.

Kelly opts for either an 18:6 shot or a 20:4 shot; her husband, Alan, has a longer window given his role as a transport driver.

The couple removed milk from their coffees, but that, and swapping pasta and rice for whole-wheat versions, were the only changes to the Corbetts’ cupboards.

The Corbetts live in a busy house, with each of their three children actively involved in sports.

Son Jake (20) is a signed player from Linfield, currently on loan from Harland and Wolff Welders. He has represented Northern Ireland and has international caps.

“We never had to say, did we, you want to try football? Do you want to try rugby? said Kelly of her eldest son.

“From the moment Jake could walk, he had a football at his feet and there was just something about it, we just thought, okay, this kid is really going to toe that line here.”

His daughter Abbie (16) is an elite gymnast at Salto Gymnastics Club and a senior member of the Gymnastics Ireland team.

“Whenever Abbie came, I always thought it would be gymnastics or dance, I’ll see which one she’s interested in,” Kelly explains.

“I used to do both, never to her standard or level. One day we had swimming lessons in Lisburn and she kept saying, ‘Mum, what’s that? building? I said it was gymnastics.

“She went there one day, and she’s been there ever since.

“And Zac, he’s only 12, he’s just climbing the ranks so to speak,” Kelly continues of his youngest son, who is currently a striker at Dromara Village FC.

Like their children, Kelly and Alan have also gotten active, walking 5km each day and incorporating running into their exercise regimen.

“We did our first 5k race in Stormont for the Chest, Heart and Stroke Association. We hadn’t run properly since we left school,” laughs Kelly.

The couple are also feeling the mental health benefits of being more active.

“One million percent, get out and get some fresh air. We try to go to different places, it can be Hillsborough Forest Park, it can be just around our local roads.

“If Abbie is training and we haven’t been out earlier in the day, Alan and I will go to Lisburn, and we’ll do half of our 5k walk and do things like that.

“It’s definitely good for the headroom, and good for Alan to get out of a truck he’s been driving all day.

“Before, I never slept,” she continues. “I would have been like a pitcher and turner. I could have gone to bed at 11 p.m. and still been on the phone at 1 a.m. Now, honestly, I’m ready for bed at 10, 10:30 p.m. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I go out.

“The weight loss has helped me feel better overall and I have so much more energy,” says Alan. “It’s much easier and nicer to walk around now and not struggle.”

Losing four and a half stone between them, the pair are keen to point out that they have never been hungry to reframe food as fuel.

“It’s actually so amazing how your mindset changes completely. You have this little thing in your head that says I’m hungry, I need it.

“One day last week, I really needed some reassurance. I was like, ‘Kelly, no you don’t’. I poured myself a glass of water. And I said I I was actually just thirsty; sometimes it’s just in your head.

“My slow cooker is constantly on; I bought a new air fryer and I cook pretty much fake meals and my whole family enjoys it.

“It works for the five of us. We try to be a good advocate for them and show them that eating well and healthy at home reflects on you and that you work out as well.

“Our kids are so fit and healthy and two of them are at a high sporting level. I don’t want to be the two fat parents standing on the sidelines cheering on our kid. At least now we feel that we have accomplished something, we feel fit and healthy with them.

Alan agrees. “We love our food, and we never really lived out of the freezer anyway, and now we have more meal recipes.

“Because the kids are so sporty and so active, it’s good for me now to feel much fitter and able to join them and not feel out of breath.”

Visit www.cinchfast30.com. The course starts at £49.99. Please consult your doctor before making any significant changes to your diet, especially if you are taking medication for any illness.

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