Looking for the perfect meal plan under 400 calories? Here is the idea


Nutritionist Pooja Bhargava has shared a great idea for a lunch under 400 calories.

Healthy eating: Poha is another healthy and delicious breakfast recipe

Planning healthy meals can be a difficult task when you’re surrounded by fatty and oily foods. Many other factors also influence your meal choice. If you eat a good breakfast at the start of your day, you can eat a balanced meal during lunch followed by some healthy snacks and a light dinner at the end. However, if you’re health conscious and wondering how to plan a great meal for lunch, nutritionist Pooja Bhargava has something interesting to share. Through a post on Instagram, she shows a cool trick to enjoy a lunch under 400 calories.

Passing through the post, Pooja shows off a plate of delicious vegetable paneer uttapam with a drop of green chutney on the side. There is a bowl of tasty sambar as well kept to the side. Don’t miss the colorful and bright salad kept in a bowl next to the platter. According to Pooja, this is a perfect meal plan under 400 calories. She explains that the meal contains 14 grams of protein and 15 grams of fiber. If you want to have a healthy meal under 400 calories, now you know what to cook at home.


Not just for lunch, Pooja Bhargava also has something interesting to share regarding the other meals of the day. In one of her Instagram videos, she explains why homemade poha is a healthy breakfast option over popular cornflakes. Many people tend to believe that cornflakes are good for your health and therefore should be enjoyed as the first meal of the day. However, this is not true.

According to Pooja, here are some of the benefits of having a poha:

1) Poha is a great breakfast option as it contains healthy carbohydrates which provide energy for the body to carry out its daily functions.

2) You can increase the nutritional value of poha by topping it with sprouts, pomegranate, dhaniya patta, peanuts and coconut.

3) Poha promotes a slow and steady release of blood sugar, thus preventing any sudden spike in blood sugar.

4) This food is also good because it does not cause bloating. In fact, it is easy to digest and keeps you full for a long time.

5) Poha can help prevent iron deficiency.

Pooja advocates that poha is a great breakfast option, but you need to make it healthier and be mindful of the portion you’re consuming.

She says you shouldn’t fall prey to the cornflake company’s marketing. Packaged cereals are not healthy. Yes, flakes may be low in fat, but they make up for that with the amount of sugar they contain, which makes them unhealthy for daily consumption, adds Pooja.

So, ultimately, you need to look for healthier alternatives for your meals that will help you grow taller and stay fitter.

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