IT executive on sabbatical in Chicago, IL — Money Diary

Occupation: IT Project Manager (currently inactive)
Industry: Software
Age: 34
Location: Chicago, IL
Salary: $0 (Before I quit, I made $154,000, plus a quarterly bonus of $2,000 to $3,000 when my team hits usage goals, plus an $85,000 capital payout to the fall 2021. My plan for my sabbatical was to live off my capital payment and use it to contribute to our household finances like I did when I was working My husband, F, earns $105,000 a year, but we keep our finances completely separate except for a joint checking account that holds the money we received as gifts.)
Net value : $509,763 (Roth IRA: $68,523, regular IRA: $42,579, 401(k): $126,018, emergency fund: $35,642, HYSA: $143,000, my half of our joint checking account: $7,368, my checking account: ~$11,000, my half of our home’s value: $250,000, less debt)
Debt: $174,367 ($334,352 for the mortgage, $10,928 for a bathroom remodel, and $3,455 for a kitchen remodel. That’s $348,735, which we divide by two.)
Paycheck amount: $0
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses
Mortgage: $1,300 (Our mortgage is $2,324 and F. pays the rest, based on his income. This includes home insurance and property taxes.)
Call: $75
The Internet: $55 (my half)
Gas: $30 to $60 (my other half)
Electricity: ~$20 to $50 (my other half)
Water: $20 to $32.50 (my other half)
HOA: $75 (my half)
Gym Membership: $85 (for two different gyms, mine alone)
Health insurance: $362 (F.’s firm covers me, but there is a fee to add a spouse.)
Car insurance: $23.50 (my other half)
HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, Disney+): $35 (my other half, her brother also shares with us)

Annual expenses
Amazon Prime: $69.50 (my other half)

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