I’m a Wellness Expert and Here’s How Your Diet Makes You Fat


Social networks are full of fad diets.

Whether it’s drinking super juice to lose weight or swallowing cabbage soup – there are a lot of depressing options.

While many people use these quick fixes to lose weight, one expert says your latest diet craze could be making you fat.

Wellness Specialist, Rachael Sacerdoti said that fad and ultra-low calorie diets teach us bad and unhealthy practices regarding our relationship with our bodies.

The trained personal trainer, with a degree in psychology, said 600-calorie-a-day plans are particularly dangerous to your health.

She explained that without changing our behavior towards dietwe will not get the desired results.

“We will simply be stuck in a vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain that has long-term adverse effects on our health and well-being,” she added.

Rachael said there are five reasons why you need to stop using fad diets, one of them being that you will end up gaining more weight than you initially lost.

She explained that fad diets pay no attention to the role exercise plays, totally neglecting what a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle should look like.

“Typically, these unhealthy weight loss methods omit an exercise plan, decreasing muscle mass, rather than simply reducing body fat, which slows down the body’s metabolism.

“It’s thought to be one of the reasons most people regain weight once they’ve gone off a calorie-restricted plan.”

Rachel from It’s so simple said many of these diets promote restricting the number of calories you eat, with many showing dangerously low numbers — without considering the needs of individuals.

The guru said ultra-low calorie diets generally do more harm than good.

According to her, this is because they teach bad restrictive practices and can cause nutrient deficiencies, a reduced fertilitypoor gut health, and weaker bones.

For anyone looking to lose weight and make lasting lifestyle changes, you need to put the foundation in place, she explained.

“Creating the lifestyle to support your goals is one of the most exciting parts of the journey.

“Planning your sleep, your stress, your relaxation time, your relationships, as well as your nutrition and exercise is what unlocks transformation.

“Weight loss is a much deeper issue that requires a multifactorial approach,” she said.

For most people, however, she understands that our views on food need to be rested and rewired.

In most cases, Rachael explained, it would destroy over 30 or 40 years of behaviors and beliefs.

Having struggled with her weight for most of her adult life, Rachael has first-hand experience of the struggles of being heavier and the effect it has on your health.

She added: “It’s amazing how many people have absolutely no idea what they should be eating.

“For change to happen, nutrition education is key. We must teach each of us how to fuel our bodies effectively. Quick fixes and fad diets just don’t do that.

This story originally appeared on The sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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