Hydrate and Eat Fruit: Experts Advise Focusing on Gut Health During the Summer Heat | Pune News

Pune: Health experts have advised focusing on gut health to avoid heat-related ailments this summer.
“Hot weather can cause an increase in digestive issues, such as bloating, indigestion, and constipation, among others. Staying hydrated and including seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet are key to overcoming stomach-related issues. heat,” said GP Ketaki Joshi.
Nutrition and gut microbiome expert Munmun Ganeriwal said that mimicking Western diet plans, using food-related apps with a set universal algorithm, or subscribing to facilities that focus only over providing high-protein, low-carb meals could make matters worse.
“In India, it is important to eat according to the season. Many festivals remind us to do this. It is important to incorporate foods that support digestion-related symptoms and cool stomach inflammation or protect against heatstroke.
In Maharashtra, Gond Katira, which is different from the variety used to make laddoos in winter, offers the perfect solution to heat-related issues. “Soak a Gond Katira crystal overnight, use it in nimbu sharbat, milkshakes, smoothies, etc. It acts as a coolant for the body. In the south it is called Badam Pisin. Spices such as jeera, saf, coriander seeds and cardamom can be infused into herbal tea to help beat the heat,” she said.
With a rise in digestive problems, there is a corresponding rise in self-medication which only makes these conditions worse, said GP Prathamesh Sonawar.
Sushant Rajput, a diabetologist and GP, said it was time to toss out coffee, hard drinks or sodas for lassi, buttermilk or a probiotic drink. “Start your day with a probiotic. Many such supplements are available in the market.

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