How to stay healthy while on vacation? Here are some tips from nutritionist Pooja Malhotra


Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra shares some tips for staying healthy during the holidays.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid overeating while on vacation

Imagine getting sick on vacation. It’s not even something you want to think about, is it? In addition, many people complain of gaining weight after returning from their trip. Well, it could probably be because they haven’t been careful with their food choices. There is something really special about travel. Maybe you are looking forward to summer vacation. Or maybe you have a monsoon getaway planned for the next few weeks once it starts to rain. If you do a little planning ahead, you can increase your chances of having a healthy and enjoyable trip.

So, how to spend a vacation without any disease? Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra shares some tips for a healthy vacation.

In the caption, she mentions: “Simple yet powerful, these tips would help you enjoy your vacation without gaining weight.”

Here are some important tips from nutritionist Pooja Malhotra:

1. Hydrate

You may tend to travel a lot to visit different places and so you need to be well hydrated. This is to avoid dehydration or any other related problem

2. Pack healthy snacks

Pooja Malhotra says you need to carry your supply of healthy snack foods like nuts and seeds. These will fill you up when you feel hungry between meals and also provide your body with nutrients. It’s always better to rely on healthy snack foods than fried snacks.

3. Pack probiotics and take it easy at buffets

It’s always a good idea to take probiotics with you when traveling. This guarantees good health. Additionally, you may need to stay at hotels or resorts during your vacation that might offer buffet meals. Remember that you don’t end up overeating or overeating.

4. Exercise portion control

Pooja Malhotra says to select wisely and exercise portion control which is your greatest tool.

5. Have local seasonal fruits

This is the best way to get access to the different fruits available where you are going. Be sure to pay a visit to the local cruiser to get your hands on fresh local and seasonal fruit.

Here is the video of Pooja Malhotra:

So if you’re going on vacation or planning one, don’t let the trip put your healthy lifestyle on hold. Follow Pooja Malhotra’s advice and keep your health in mind when traveling.

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