How to detox after Diwali


The festivities are the time of indulgences and our body takes the biggest hit. From overeating junk food and sweets to overloading the system with alcohol and soda, the list of food and drink extravagances during celebrations is endless. Add in party nights and very little sleep and this is the perfect recipe for toxins to wreak havoc in your system. It is therefore important to detoxify. “Five signs that you need a detox include bloating, rash, brain fog, insomnia and hormonal imbalance,” says Eshanka Wahi, wellness advocate and nutrition coach.

Learn to say “no”

“It’s important to develop good eating habits and give your body a break from junk food and toxins. Excessive consumption of junk food can lead to chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes which can damage organs, ”says Wahi. So take a break from all that is sweet and let your system flush out what is not good for you. In addition, since you are already saying no to sugar and processed foods, you might as well reduce your food intake. “During the festivities, it is obvious that our body will consume fatty, spicy and unhealthy foods. Therefore, it is best to eat light foods for two to three days (ie non-fatty and non-spicy), ”adds Wahi.

Forget the regular tea

It might seem like too small a gesture in the larger framework of healthy activities, but ditching your regular tea for herbal tea makes a big difference. “Choosing herbal teas such as chamomile tea, cumin and fennel water, ginger tea or oolong tea over your regular tea helps in detoxification. It also helps digestion, control sugar levels and weight loss, ”says Wahi.

Start training

“Go back to your daily exercise regimen since you’ve been avoiding it for over a week. Giving your body a head start with yoga is the right way to do it. Do breathing exercises and asanas every morning on an empty stomach. It will help your body get a refreshing start and rejuvenate energetically, ”says Wahi.

Get your snooze on

It is necessary to get a total of seven to eight hours of sleep for adults. “In the midst of the celebrations and festivities, it is visible that our beauty sleep is disturbed. So sleep well because it allows the brain to invigorate and energize itself, as well as eliminate toxic waste that has accumulated throughout the day, ”explains Wahi.

Go green

Prepare a drink using all the green things like bitter gourd and cucumber. “This will help flush toxins from your body along with other benefits such as realigning your insulin levels, hydrating your body, and boosting your immunity. It is also very high in antioxidants,” Wahi shares .

Try the detox water

Water that has been infused with the flavors of fresh fruits, vegetables, or herbs is called detox water. Chop the ingredients of your choice and add them to hot or cold water. If it is a cold drink, you should leave it in the refrigerator for several hours to ensure a good brew. “In addition to tasting great and lacking in calories, detox water has many additional health benefits, such as boosting your metabolism, improving your mood, flushing toxins out of your system, keeping you full so you don’t not eat as much junk food and help your body recover faster after a workout, ”says Wahi.

Intermittent fasting

As you eat throughout the day, your digestive system, liver, and kidneys are constantly working to absorb nutrients and flush out toxins. “However, during the fasting period, the body rests and is better able to break down leftover food, resulting in detoxification and reduced inflammation in the gut,” Wahi shares.

Wahi’s recipe for a green drink


Chopped bitter squash – 2 tbsp

Chopped cucumber – 2 tbsp

Chopped celery (stick and leaves) – 3 tablespoons

Fresh ginger – 1 inch

Kale leaves – from a stick

Chopped spinach – 2 tbsp

Blueberries – 7-8

Whole black pepper – 5

Turmeric powder – 1 teaspoon

Lemon juice – 1 tbsp

Water – 1/2 cup

Salt – a pinch


Mix all the ingredients together and transfer to a glass.

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