How fans are reacting to Brittany’s short hair makeover


After rocking curly hair for years, Brittany Banks is sporting a sleek new short hairstyle. Many 90 Day Fiancé fans are digging her new look.

Many 90 day fiancé fans dig Brittany Banks’ new look after cutting her long hair short. This isn’t the first time the Georgia native has received tons of positive feedback on social media. A few months ago, Brittany showed off her new figure on Instagram and surprised many fans with her weight loss transformation. When a lot 90 day fiancé viewers asked, the 28-year-old revealed the diet that helped her lose 70 pounds. Brittany called herself a body scientist and shared that HIIT workouts and eating lots of spinach and salmon had helped tone her physique.

Later on 90 day fiancé The star claimed she could control her body weight. While many fans loved his diet and workout plans, some were skeptical of his claims without surgery. Some 90 day fiancé viewers believe Brittany lost weight thanks to the surgery. However, the reality TV star quickly put an end to all speculation and told her critics that going to the gym and eating well worked better than any surgery.


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The TLC star now wears her hair short after having had her hair long for years. Many 90 day fiancé viewers remember Brittanylong curly black hair that reached as low as her waist. Now all the curls are gone and she is wearing a sleek straight hairstyle with a short cut. Most fans love her new look and give her plenty of compliments. One fan wrote: “So cute! Looking like Naomi Campbell with short hair. “Another intervened,”Ok, I’m really digging the shorter hairstyle. It gives the glam of the 90s. I love it.“Someone else commented,”I love hair this length! It’s definitely more chic and sexy.!“Check out the photos Brittany shared recently:

Unfortunately, not all fans liked the 90 days: single life Brittany’s new shoulder length hair. They lack the 90 day fiancé the old look of the star with long hair. A few fans also showed their disapproval by leaving comments like “You are beautiful but I miss your thick look “, and “Oh … man you cut your hair.Brittany has not responded to her reviews, but it looks like she will keep her hair short for a while. As she has very healthy hair, she will have no problem growing it back after showing off the popular short bob hairstyle.

It is true that the 90 days: single life Brittany star now looks very different from her appearance on 90 day fiancé: the other way season 2, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t look attractive. Her new short hairstyle matches her current style and makes her look elegant and confident. Regardless of what fans say, Brittany looks super happy with her new hairstyle. Moreover, the old 90 day fiancé star is an influencer with almost 500,000 followers on Instagram, so she should keep experimenting with different styles if it helps her social image.

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