Hilltops cafe family daughter turns to tea


Sienna Capra of Greenethorpe, near Young, has launched a brand of tea for young people. Photo: Siena Capra.

If you’ve lived in Young, Grenfell, or anywhere in between, you’d be forgiven for assuming Sienna Capra would be downing mountainous cups of coffee as she did her homework during the 2020 lockdown.

The Capra Art of Espresso coffee brand is synonymous with coffee blends and an ultra-cool coffee of the same name in Young.

The Art of Espresso Mobile Coffee Cart has been deployed at fanciful events such as Fashion Week, Donna Hay Masterclasses, Emirates Marquee Bird Cage at Flemington’s Melbourne Cup Carnival, Italian Film Festival in Sydney, Sydney Fine Food in Hyde Park and the launch of Luna Park.

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The brand has won a veritable catalog of awards and accolades since Adrian and Gabrielle Capra of Greenethorpe, near Young, launched their fully independent business in 1996.

The coffee line continues to thrive with the retail reins in the hands of barista extraordinaire Mainul Hussain, who now operates Main Street Coffee under his moniker Hussy.

girl standing in the doorway

Sienna, 16, says she’s struck a healthy balance between school and wellness with her Spill the Tea Company ambitions. Photo: Siena Capra.

But the Capras’ 16-year-old daughter, Sienna, is proving the entrepreneurial trend runs deep with the launch of Spill the Tea (STT) Co.

On her way home from boarding school during the first lockdown of 2020, the self-confessed tea addict found herself brooding over hearty cups of tea.

Seeing tea marketed to a more mature audience, Sienna felt that soft drinks, caffeinated beverages, and other unhealthy beverages were mostly the only refreshments for young people.

“That’s when I noticed a major gap in the market for a healthy, sustainable, fun and delicious drink for my age group,” she said. About Regional.

Talking to her friends, most of them agreed that tea was considered something for afternoons with grandma or something you could have smokoed with a little milk.

“Tea was not perceived as fun, young, hip, all of which I would associate with my love of tea,” she said. “That had to change as soon as possible.”

Having already made an art of researching the next ingredients to mix into the teas she would try, she merged that enthusiasm with her love of health and wellness and the certainty that her peers were also looking for lifestyle results. healthier.

STT takes a new, fun, healthy and innovative approach to herbal tea specifically for teens and young adults. It takes its name from the phrase ‘spill the tea’, meaning ‘what happened’ or ‘what’s happening’, which Sienna says is once again in circulation among young people.

Packed with bright colors and brimming with positive messages, Sienna has spent the last 18 months developing a range of teas that nourish from within. The teas all have clever names like Sleepy Tea “Goodnight, Love You, See You in the Morning”, Bounty Bar in a Cup “Boun-Tea”, Hug in a Cup “Emotional Wreck” and “Strawberries and Cream ” – because, yum!

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STT has also grown into a community with a blog space where Sienna interviews experts in health, fitness, wellness, fashion, sustainability and business.

“I really wanted to create not just a product, but a space centered around wellness and pleasure,” she said.

When she’s not poring over textbooks, she sniffs, brews and pours new concoctions from her revamped shipping container studio on the family farm.

“It’s super convenient for me and the perfect space to work in,” she said.

“Because I’m still in school, I have to finish most of my work on Spill the Tea Company over the weekend, in the afternoon and sometimes early in the morning if I have orders placed the night before.”

Sienna says so far she “hasn’t struggled too much” to balance her time between business, school, work, social life, health and family.

“I love every aspect of my business, so I never think of Spill the Tea Company as a ‘job’ that makes life so much easier,” she said.

With a positive response from the market and from parents who she says are “unprejudiced, the most supportive and supportive people on the planet”, Sienna is looking to expand her line to include more health and wellness products. -be.

“I hope one day I will be stocked all over Australia and ultimately I would be incredibly happy to see STT become the go-to brand for health, wellness and pleasure products,” he said. she stated.

Visit the Spill the Tea Co website for more information.

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