Future soldier loses 145 pounds on weight loss journey


PRINCETON, West Virginia (WVVA) — Kadyn Punturi is a graduate of Princeton Senior High School. When he graduated in 2020, he realized college was not for him. He went to the armed forces career center, but he weighed 365 pounds. The army will not take obese soldiers. But recruiter Sergeant First Class Michael Keathley sat down with Punturi and put him on the path to weight loss.

“A lot of what we do here is coaching and mentoring, especially with these young men and women who are looking to join military service. So a lot of our work was adjusting his diet plans, helping him come up with new training plans. When he hits his plateaus, keep him from giving up and stuff like that,” Keathly said.

“I got up every day and went to the gym. I worked out about an hour and a half, two hours a day with lots of cardio and my diet. I mainly eat a lot of grilled chicken, vegetables. Just try not to eat junk food, stay healthy and drink plenty of water,” Punturi said.

Punturi lost 145 pounds. Now he’s fit and much slimmer at 220 pounds. This is his first full day as an enlisted Army recruit with a military career path to becoming an Air Operations Specialist.

“I mean this trip is not impossible. Kadyn is proof of that. So to anyone who watches or thinks I weigh too much or have too many medical issues or the military wouldn’t accept me. You don’t know if you don’t try. I mean I’m ready to help anyone who really wants to be here. If they show that dedication, the same dedication that this young man has shown, we will help them along the way as well,” Keathley said.

“Stay motivated and it will come. Your time will come, stay right after and make sure you have the right group of friends around you to make sure you’re up to speed,” Punturi said.

Kadyn will be deployed to training camp in September.

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