Does the TikTok Ice Pack hack for sleeping work?

Insomniac Friends: The answer to our sleep deprivation has always been to stay in the freezer. At least that’s what TikTokers like @heyfrankiesimmons, @empathary, and @borcikjewelry say. Apparently, placing a simple ice pack on your chest could put you to sleep in just 15 minutes.

Insomnia dominated my waking life for most of my twenties. Anytime I’ve had a pretty good night’s sleep – which happens about twice a week – I work better the next day, eat healthier, get more ambitious, feel like I’m getting nicer. The rest of the time, I experience the kind of painful anxiety that comes with a hangover (even if I don’t have a nightcap), coupled with a feeling of sluggishness, distraction, and lack of excitement. In addition to the well-documented immediate consequences of insomnia, there are serious and long-term potential health problems, “including obesity, coronary heart disease and diabetes – and this shortens your life expectancy,” according to the NHS website. “What if I don’t sleep?” Asked Kiss FM DJ Daisy Maskell in a recent BBC documentary on the rise of insomnia in Gen Z. “Almost every article tells you that you will eventually die of it.” And so, the anxiety viciously flies away.

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