Does swimming make you hungry? Nutritionist Pooja Makhija has the answer


Many people feel hungry after swimming. Find out what the link is.

Replenishing the body with water is of utmost importance after swimming

Swimming is one of the best physical activities for anyone. It is a full body workout that helps cure many ailments and also relaxes and relaxes the body. Often, after a rigorous swimming session, we are hungry. Does this mean that swimming increases our hunger? Nutritionist Pooja Makhija answers this question in an Instagram video. She says it’s not hunger but thirst that needs to be dealt with after a swimming session. His post reads: “Most people confuse thirst with hunger, often confusing the former with the latter. Clinical studies have shown that 37% of people confuse thirst with hunger because thirst signals can be weak. And swimming as exercise adds to this confusion.

She adds, “These two feelings are on a fine line, and being able to tell the difference can help you achieve weight loss success.”

Pooja suggests that while swimming, the body often forgets to remind a person of thirst because it is always surrounded by water. However, replenishing the body with water is of utmost importance after swimming.

Watch Pooja Makhija’s video here:

Besides swimming, many people end up feeling hungry after an early morning yoga session. Does that mean we shouldn’t do yoga on an empty stomach? Anushka, a yoga trainer, thinks the asanas are best performed on an empty stomach. However, Pooja Makhija thinks you can have a small amount of food – maybe a date, half a fruit or a few almonds – to kick start your metabolism before you start yoga.

So what’s the conclusion? Both pros recommended listening to your body and its unique demands. If you can do your yoga workouts without food, keep going. But if you usually feel the need for a little energy in the morning, eat a very small amount of food before diving into yoga.

Watch them talk about hunger and yoga in this video:

There are so many facets to hunger and it’s always best to make an informed decision about what, when and how to eat the right foods and drinks.

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