Does she follow strict diets?


Kep1er Ezaki Hikaru is one of the Japanese members of the new nine-member group. Unlike some of her bandmates, she had no experience in the South Korean entertainment world until she joined. by Mnet girls planet 999 in 2021.

But despite this, his professional activities in Japan apparently gave him the ground to participate in the reality show. She ended up becoming one of nine participants to debut as a member of Kep1er earlier in 2022.

As a rookie idol, many are curious to know more about Ezaki Hikaru’s life. This includes his diets, as well as personal information about him.

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Kep1er Ezaki Hikaru and his diet

Unfortunately, for fans, there is very little information about the Kep1er member. She and the rest of the group have yet to reveal their daily eating habits.

But, it wouldn’t be surprising if she and her eight other co-members were on diets to keep them fit and maintain their figure. It has become all too common for celebrities in the K-pop world to have beauty, fitness and health routines and plans.

It is likely, however, that Ezaki Hikaru will share More details on itself in the coming months or years. But, according to some reports, it is said that she likes to eat delicious food, adding that it is one of her hobbies.

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Some personal facts about The Rookie Idol

Hallyuidol has pages dedicated to Kep1er members. Based on Ezaki Hikaru’s profile, some of her personal information is leaked, including her height, weight, and other “fun facts” about herself.

As claimed, the rookie idol is 5 feet 1 inch or 154.5 centimeters tall. Page also estimates that she weighs around 42 kilos or 92.4 pounds.

With the numbers associated with her height and weight, she appears to be underweight. It is believed that the ideal mass for the size of the Kep1er member would be between 45 and 50 kilos.

Watch this space for more on Kep1er Ezaki Hikaru.

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