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Episode 1 of the new Doctor Who spin-off podcast Doctor Who: Redacted launched on Sunday after the show’s adventurous Easter special, Legend of the Sea Devils.

The 10-part series will follow three college dropouts, Cleo, Shawna and Abby, who run their own conspiracy podcast “The Blue Box Files.” The trio find themselves wrapped in their own blue box mystery: everyone who has met the Doctor disappears, is forgotten.

Bringing together characters and storylines from across the Whoniverse, the first episode is filled to the brim with exciting Easter eggs, references, and cameos.

Read on for a full list of all the fun references to who is the story in Doctor Who: Episode 1 redacted.

Fat Industries/Penny Carter

The first Blue Box Files episode we hear focuses on the events of Partners in Crime (2008). This Tenth Doctor adventure saw the Doctor and Donna Noble take on Adipose Industries, a diet pill company that turned people’s fat into alien babies called Adipose.

Cleo, Abby and Shawna discuss the events of the alien invasion and interview Penny Carter, a reporter who investigated fat pills at the time. During Partners in Crime, Penny’s efforts to uncover the mystery are repeatedly thwarted by the Doctor and Donna and she leaves the story exclaiming that she will report the time-traveling duo for “madness”.

During her interview, Penny explains that she saw aliens and a man in a blue box, but the details after that are a bit sketchy. He’s the first character we meet who doesn’t remember our favorite Time Lord at all. She only remembers one thing – his name was the Doctor.

The Powell estate

As the Blue Box Files trio recount the day the fatness invaded, Cleo mentions a “drunken woman” from the Powell estate who “always talked about it”. Famous home of Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler and Mickey Smith, the Powell Estate was the center of many Who stories in 2005 and 2006. From Autons and Slitheen to Pilot Fish and Cybermen, the TARDIS was a regular visitor to the tower. apartments. Are the residents of the Powell Estate about to forget all their memories of the Doctor and the TARDIS?

Yeti ‘person’

After meeting Penny, we hear Cleo mention that she accidentally deleted a previous interview, referring to the interviewee as “that Yeti person.” While the podcast team covers the Doctor’s sightings on Earth, it’s safe to say that this is a reference to the Yeti robot, which appeared in the Second Doctor stories The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear.

The Yeti terrorized the Himalayas in 1935, created by the Great Intelligence as minions and an army. Some were reactivated and brought to London over 30 years later to haunt the London Underground rail system. Sightings of a Yeti and the TARDIS in London must have led our Blue Box Files girls to investigate these classic Who historical events.

Graham and Ryan

Later in the episode, Abby overhears a news bulletin being broadcast at a cafe; an appeal for information regarding the disappearance of the Thirteenth Doctor’s companions Graham O’Brian and Ryan Sinclair. The pair traveled with the Doctor from 2018 to early 2021, but were left safely in Sheffield at the end of the Daleks’ New Year’s Special Revolution.

There are numerous occasions where the characters forget about the Doctor throughout this episode, as well as the mysterious disappearance of two of his most recent companions. Are we witnessing the writing of the Doctor in different stages?


Doctor Who: Linda (BBC)

The 2006 Tenth Doctor story Love and Monsters featured a group of people whose lives had been touched by the Doctor and who were determined to find out more about the mysterious Time Lord. They formed LINDA; London Investigation ‘N’ detective agency.

The gang wasn’t too different from the Blue Box Files girls in their passion for learning about alien invasions and TARDIS sightings. Unfortunately, all but one of LINDA’s members were absorbed by the aptly named Absorbaloff, who joined their club on a quest to find and absorb the Doctor. Shawna wonders if Penny is “another LINDA blue box fruitcake,” the legend of old Doctor fanatics has been passed down.

Rani Chandra

The end of the episode features an appearance by Rani Chandra. Rani fought aliens alongside 70s Doctor Who companion Sarah-Jane Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures and met the Doctor on several occasions. Rani warns Cleo that the Doctor is killing them, leaving us with a huge cliffhanger.

Is she referring to the fact that everyone who knows the Doctor is erased from history; that just knowing the Doctor kills them? The Redacted cast list includes other Doctor friends such as Madame Vastra, Kate Stewart and Osgood – and with the Blue Box Files focusing on TARDIS sightings throughout history, we’re sure to hear from plenty of ghosts from the past. of the Doctor in future episodes…

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