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If you’ve found yourself home much more than usual in 2021, you may notice that your eating habits are “off,” for lack of a better term. Maybe your meals are less balanced because you shop less, or maybe you forget to eat in the middle of the day and feel hungry at dinner. If you found out that you were making a lot more insane or even emotional food during the pandemic, trying to fix these issues by cutting back on calories or macros – or added sugar – can kickback because our bodies and minds. do not. like deprivation.

If you’ve ever dieted or tried to stick to a strict list of eating rules, think about what happened when you quit, whether on purpose or because you just couldn’t take it. one more minute. You’ve probably eaten all the things you wouldn’t allow yourself to have. It’s biology and psychology to you, and it’s a protective mechanism, not unwillingness. It’s easy to believe that the next diet will be “different”, but it never is. Instead, look for ways to feed yourself, not punish yourself. Do you need to add grocery delivery or curbside pickup to your routine in order to get more fresh food? Do you need to plan easy lunches, then set a reminder to stop what you’re doing to eat? Be curious, make a plan, follow through, then notice how you feel.

Keep in mind that if you were on a diet at the start of the pandemic but relaxed your eating rules because you stayed home in comfortable clothes the entire time, you may have found your eating to be more natural. without being uncontrollable. If the way you eat is reasonably balanced, pleasant, and makes you feel good between meals, then you may have just come across a more intuitive way of eating. It is a victory, even if you have put on weight. A meta-analysis of 97 intuitive eating studies published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders found that intuitive eating actively promotes health and well-being. It’s a great way to welcome a New Year.

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