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Preety Tyagi

Decluttering your diet is one way to clean up your diet and meal plans. It’s about eating clean. Eating clean means trying to consume food, even if nature provides it. It is the idea of ​​removing all extra ingredients and foods from the diet and keeping it as healthy and clean as possible.

A very simple phenomenon of diet decluttering is to remove all fake and unwanted ingredients from the diet. It actually works quite well to benefit the body and make it stronger, leaner when followed in a very good way.

Here are some recommendations on how you can declutter your diet and make it clean to get maximum health benefits:

  • Start your day with essential health superfoods like chia seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, flax seeds. You can choose one of these foods for each day. Start the day with a glass of warm water and follow it with your choice of healthy superfoods as mentioned above. Remember to keep it clean and not to mix many alternative ingredients with these foods. Keep it clean for optimal health benefits.
  • Boost your diet with protein-rich foods. A human being must consume an equal amount of protein in grams and his weight in kg. Think of healthy proteins for you like legumes, legumes, lentils, paneer, tofu, lean meats, seafood. Remember to cook these proteins properly. No excessive use of condiments, sauces, etc. Keep it as close to nature as possible and as clean as possible.
  • Include plenty of fiber: Support your high-protein diet with a high-fiber diet. A human must be prepared to support their meal plans in a balanced way. Fiber-rich foods like leafy greens, vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and whole legumes are key to meeting your body’s basic needs.
  • Choose healthy fats: Healthy cooking oils like olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil should be adopted for a healthy and clean diet. Foods rich in essential fatty acids should be included in the diet. Select fresh avocados, coconuts, flax seeds, etc. in your diet to increase your healthy fat content.
  • Stay well hydrated with plenty of plain water at room temperature throughout the day.
  • Include homemade or natural pro biotic foods in your diet like sour milk, yogurt, fermented beans, fermented vegetables, kombucha, kanji, etc. in your diet.

Keep in mind that decluttering your meal plans is all about eating healthy. And clean eating is eating, as nature intended.

The author is Lead Health Coach, nutritionist and founder of MY22BMI

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