Comedian Lewis Black traveled to Freeport, Maine for a Lobster Roll


There are people who rant and rave, then there is the notorious comedian Lewis Black. Black has made a name for himself as a preeminent grumbler, unafraid to address sensitive political issues, personal behavior and even the food he likes and dislikes. While Lewis Black may seem like a joyless human being, there are a lot of things that make him smile. And one of those things is apparently stopping in for a delicious lobster roll when visiting Maine.

Shared on Facebook by Lewis Black, on his way to perform at the Waterville Opera House this weekend, Black and his friends decided to stop en route at Cindy’s in Freeport. It was probably the big red letters that promised lobster rolls that seduced Lewis Black and his acolytes. In typical Lewis Black fashion, he enthusiastically proclaimed that the stop at Cindy’s was necessary because “when in Maine…”.

While people normally associate Lewis Black with rants filled with irritation and rage, Black also has positive rants about food. Check out this classic NSFW rant from a few years ago about the existence of the barbecue and one of the few reasons Lewis Black gets up every morning.

Lewis Black is no stranger to visiting Maine. The veteran comedian has regularly scheduled tour stops throughout the Pine Tree State in recent years, including several appearances at Merrill Auditorium. Black’s next edition of his “Rantcast” will feature his thoughts and observations on his brief visit to Maine.

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