Casa Bonita announces executive chef and fans respond


“We won’t change anything and we will improve everything,” promises Dana Rodriguez, Denver’s beloved chef-restaurateur whose culinary partnership with the new owners of Casa Bonita, South Park creators and Colorado natives Trey Parker and Matt Stone, was announced this week.

While continuing to run Work & Class and Super Mega Bien, the RiNo restaurants she co-founded, and moving forward with her own LoHi bar, Cantina Loca, which is slated to open next month, Rodriguez will also be executive chef of Casa Bonita.

Even with the sale of the circa 1974 pink entertainment palace, now final, Casa Bonita won’t reopen until next summer; Rodriguez is currently analyzing what kitchen equipment changes will need to be made before tackling the menu. But she promises the sopaipillas will be there, “100% damn,” as well as drinks made with fresh ingredients.

And meanwhile, Casa Bonita fans and enemies alike are pouring out comments on the Westword Facebook post reporting the partnership with Dana Rodriguez. says Eric:

Excuse me, a frame what?

Michelle adds:

I bet there never was an executive chef. Just a prepackaged food opener.

Suggests Julien:

The former executive chef was a can opener so that’s great! Congratulations Dana !!!

Dena comments:

Executive chef? Does this mean that there will be real food? It’s like when the Cubs won the World Series. Part of the tradition was wasted all the time. Part of the tradition of Casa Bonita is the bad food and the cafeteria line. If there is real real food and it becomes a real restaurant, I don’t know if it will always be so famous.

Marguerite answers:

Really good news! This place was iconic even with the crappy food! I can’t imagine how exciting it will be to go there for the food. Now that’s a concept!

Jackie Offer:

If I can’t get the most dodgy taco salad ever made, why bother?

And Keith concludes:

Call me whatever you like, but I have always enjoyed my experience at Casa Bonita. What do people want? BORING? Obviously! Walk in there, have fun, have a cheap meal and bitch? WTF people? If you want Disneyland, take out your empty wallet and hand over $ 200 for this amazing experience. Me? I’m going to Casa Bonita.

What do you think of the news of the partnership with Dana Rodriguez? What would you like to see done to the food at Casa Bonita? Post a comment or share your thoughts on [email protected]

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