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Although only one win remains to tie Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney as the bodybuilders with the most Mr. Olympia wins (eight titles each), Phil Heath will miss trying to do so this year. The 2022 Mr. Olympia competition will take place from December 16-18 in Las Vegas, NV, and Phil will not be one of the competitors. However, Phil announced via Instagram that he would be commentating on the show. This way, fans will be able to hear one of the most knowledgeable bodybuilders give his opinion on the subject.

Besides being a seven-time Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath is known for possessing one of the most impressive physiques ever on display. In his new role, Phil will be able to leverage his experience and attention to detail to the fullest extent possible. The 2022 Mr. Olympia will be even more exciting with Phil’s commentary, because no one could understand the show better than Phil.

“Commenting on this year’s event gives me the opportunity to express my love and support for its athletes who definitely sacrifice a ton to be on this historic stage.

To the fans, I love you all and know that I will do my best on the stand, showcasing the work of these amazing athletes! »

You can watch the video here:

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Immediately after completing his training session, Phil Heath announced that he would be taking on a new role at Mr. Olympia 2022. Despite wearing a tank top, his physique was incredible. He looks close to being ready for the stage, but it’s unclear if he’ll be competing professionally again.

Along with Heath’s announcement on Instagram, Mr. Olympia also announced that “The Gift” will host Olympia in December.

One of the greatest bodybuilders of all time will bring his talents to the broadcast booth in December. Seven-time Mr. Olympia champion Phil Heath will be the lead commentator for Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance weekend, widely considered the fitness industry’s “Super Bowl.”

The #1 bodybuilder on the planet from 2011-2017 will provide his opinion and analysis for worldwide coverage of the event December 16-17 LIVE from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

“The Olympia meant so much to me and my legacy.” Explain Heath. “I’m always looking for new ways to connect with fans and I’m grateful to Jake Wood, Dan Solomon and the entire Olympia team for this opportunity. This year’s Olympia is full of stories and incredible rivalries. Can’t wait to see everyone in Vegas.

Over the past few years, Heath has focused on various business initiatives, as well as motivational speaking, while working closely with select global brands, including his current role as spokesperson for @transcendhrt, a leading provider of health and performance optimization.

Phil never officially retired, but in 2021 he didn’t compete at all. He recently explained that the chances of his return are 5%. On the other hand, 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler thinks Phil Heath is done with competing.

Phil Heath has achieved a lot throughout his career, so it would also be understandable if he was satisfied and didn’t want to compete anymore. His muscle insertions have always been amazing, which is why he got the nickname “The Gift”. Phil also maximized his genetic potential with insane workout and diet plans. He eventually won an incredible number of bodybuilding shows.

Phil Heath earned his IFBB Pro card at the 2005 NPC USA Championships, which set him up for a lifetime of success. After attempting the 2008 Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath finished a surprising third place and another podium two years later. However, Phil’s biggest breakthrough turned out to be in 2011, when he won the Mr. Olympia for the first time. He became absolutely unbeatable after that and also won the show for the next six years. His streak would eventually be ended by the late Shawn Rhoden in 2018. Phil then skipped the 2019 Mr. Olympia, but scored a third-place finish in his 2020 comeback.

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At 42 years old, and with twenty years of experience, Phil Heath will undoubtedly be the perfect commentator, since he knows both old-school and modern bodybuilding. Phil also genuinely loves the sport, and it’s always great to hear someone talk about their interest and expertise. While Phil Heath would be preferred on stage, he would no doubt also be appreciated by many as a commentator.

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