Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services of 2022


It can be difficult to find meal delivery services for families of four or more, yet A potato is a healthy, family-friendly option that offers meals for up to six people, including portions for children. One Potato also highlights seasonal and organic produce already pre-chopped and pre-measured for your convenience.

There are 13 recipes to choose from on the weekly rotating menu –– five farm-fresh meals, five vegan meals and three tough meals –– as well as on-the-go lunches, smoothies and gluten-free and chocolate-filled cookie dough. gluten. Options include a wide variety of international cuisines, dietary needs, allergy modifications, and even Spanish recipe cards.

CBS reviewed One Potato, noting that it is one of the best services available to help large families eat healthier. It definitely leans towards plant-based meals, so it might not be the best option for carnivorous households. The price per serving decreases as you increase the quantities, with a minimum of around $8 per meal. CNET reported that the portion sizes were larger than expected and recommended reducing the number of leftovers. There’s not a lot of variety each week, so it has the potential to get repetitive. Besides the limited choice and high amount of plastic waste, One Potato is a perfect family option for anyone trying to incorporate more organic plant-based meals into their diet.

Try One Potato meal delivery service for as little as $8.32 per serving starting August 2022.

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