Bariatric Surgery Opens Door to Healthier Life: Patients Say


Manipal Hospital Miller’s Road, one of india best multi-specialty hospitals, held a support group meeting exclusively on bariatric surgery

BENGALERU, India, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Obesity is a common problem in today’s society, increasing the risk of many life-threatening health conditions, including heart, kidney and liver disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, sleep apnea and certain types of cancer. Genetic, physiological, environmental, dietary, physical activity and lifestyle factors can cause obesity. Bariatric surgery is a procedure to help people lose weight by making changes to their digestive system and is suggested for patients with severe obesity, a BMI (body mass index) over 35 and who have no failed to diet and exercise.

Manipal Hospital Miller’s Road, one of india best multi-specialty hospitals, held a support group meeting exclusively on bariatric surgery, otherwise known as, weight loss surgery on Saturday 17e of September. Dr Moinoddin G, Consultant – Advanced Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgery, Manipal Hospital Miller’s Road graced the event with her opinions on surgical weight loss procedures and their benefits. About 40 patients attended the meeting; most of them have undergone successful surgery while some are planning to do so under him. The event began with a discussion of bariatric diet guidelines as part of the recovery process, after which the doctor answered all health-related questions from the patients. Explaining his perspective on the weight loss journey, Dr Moinoddin G says: “Surgery is a very small part of the whole program which would represent only 40%. The remaining 70% is made up of support from family/friends (40%) and self-will (30%). Together, this makes for optimal results.”

Most of the patients who attended the event had undergone various weight loss diet plans and exercise sessions before choosing to opt for surgery. Although some managed to regain weight only a short time later. Surgery seemed the most effective option to help them get rid of the excess weight. It is necessary to follow a diet right after surgery, as directed by a dietician or doctor, because slow, gradual and steady weight loss occurs during the first 3 months after surgery. While interacting with the patients, the doctor mentions,“There were many high-risk cases where patients had lung problems and asthma, but we took the risk every time because we knew that without the surgery these patients would end up in bed or even die. “We are pleased to be able to give these patients another chance to live longer by reducing the risk of other diseases they had.”

It was noticed that PCOS/PCOD and hypothyroidism were present in most women. After the surgery, their doses for hypothyroidism were significantly reduced and the PCOS is reversed. A 23-year-old lady named Anaya (name changed), a bangalore The resident had undergone surgery in 2020 after trying everything (diets and supplements) to reduce her weight. She also suffered from PCOD and was looking for ways to reduce her weight so she could conceive. It is advisable to plan conception after a year or two after surgery. But in Anam’s case, she conceived right after six months of surgery. Anam says, “I was 300 lbs when I came to see Dr Moinoddin, he assured me that weight loss was totally possible with the surgery and post surgery diet and that I could conceive naturally. I I followed the diet suggested by the doctor and I was able to I lost almost 40 kg in six months Now I weigh 80 kg and gave birth to a healthy baby I am grateful to the doctor and my family for supporting me all this time.

In another case, Mr. Khazi (name changed) from Bellary who had bariatric surgery 3 years ago came forward to share his story. He weighed 158 kg at the time of the operation and was able to lose up to 78 kg over the years. Khazi now weighs 80 kg and leads a perfectly healthy life. While mentioning what had contributed to his excellent results, he said, “I followed a strict protein diet followed by a high vitamin diet suggested by Dr Moinoddin and continued to exercise regularly. My heartfelt thanks to doctorahab and the team for making a change my life and giving me reasons to enjoy my life to the best of my ability.”

Many patients also mentioned suffering from lower complexity and depression due to high weight, but since they lost a lot of weight after surgery, they gained confidence and felt better about their bodies.

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