Attention health conscious people! ACTIVeat in Mumbai is a place where you can get tasty food according to your diet


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In a busy life, we often eat whatever we can get our hands on. We often find ourselves talking about healthy eating, but a burger or vada pav is convenient and instantly satisfies our hungry head.

Healthy eating often feels like a task, but what if you had someone who could manage your meals, your calories, and meet your fitness goals. As difficult as it may seem, ACTIVeat’s meal plans are designed to meet your health goals. Depending on your lifestyle and food preferences, they arrange a healthy tiffin meal that is delivered to your location of choice.

These subscription packages are created to meet consumer preferences and have plans like Balanced Meal Plan, Vegan Diet Plan, Soup and Salad Meal Plan, Low Carb Diet Plan and a Keto diet plan. Each meal is curated with a thorough understanding of nutritional and caloric intake.

If you don’t want to opt for their subscription, you can simply opt to order their unique meal as well. If you thought a healthy meal was only about vegetables, they’ll bust your myth and serve you an interesting daily special every day. Whether it’s grilled chimichurri chicken, fried rice and green beans, Kerala fish curry with masala rice, paneer salad with mango and paprika or lasagna with creamy spinach sauce. .. each meal is described with the utmost importance to food.

Interestingly, the breads served with vegetables and sauce are gluten-free. Trust us, their bajra rotis are indeed a delight to eat. To make your meal plans interesting, they also have a bakery option that serves savory desserts and breads like Keto Cheese Bread, Swiss Roll, Cookie Cream Sandwich, Keto Olive Focaccia Bread, almond cookies, fudge bites and more, giving you a guilt-free dining experience.

Food-o-meter: 3 stars

USP: If you’re looking for healthy, wise, wholesome food…your quest is over.

Strong points: Vegan Diet Plan, Low Carb Diet Plan, Keto Diet Plan, etc.

Average cost: About. Rs 300 per meal or Rs 1050 for four meals

Verdict: This premium healthy food delivery service is here to transform our lives for the better, better, better!

Delivery: Through Mumbai

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Posted: Sunday, March 13, 2022, 10:56 a.m. IST

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