Agrosano’s commitment to promoting healthy eating with vegetable burgers


Since its creation, Agrosano’s offer has been stamp-free, long before a law stipulated what is healthy, what is not and what is definitely not. Now they are competing in the market with Leburguer, a proposal that aims to promote healthy eating through legumes. And again, sealed and chemical free.

Until a few years ago, it was not easy to find meat substitutes of animal origin in traditional local supermarket chains. This is no longer true. In fact, a recent study conducted by Mintel in conjunction with Veganuary showed that the product offering in countries like Chile Vegetarian An increase of 8% over the past four years.

Agrosano contributes to this dynamism, but by going further, explains Carolina Aravena, general manager of the company. They do it with the Laeburger, their new legume-based burger that was born in 2019 and, according to the executive, is different precisely because it does not want to be a meat substitute: “On the contrary, it wants to promote healthy food by eating.” The mass of pulses to consume, with all the infinite qualities that we know of them, but available in your refrigerator at any time of the day – they are frozen – and only take a few minutes to consume This is a big advantage, being given that it is generally time consuming to cook them at home, this is a huge limitation that prevents its more frequent consumption”.

It’s also special because its label offers something that’s hard to find in supermarket refrigerators: it’s 100% clean, free of additives and preservatives, and it’s also gasket-free.

Agrosano started 27 years ago as a family business, run by Diego and Tomas Johnson (they sold potatoes, pumpkin, green onions, leeks and chives), and today, it exploits a wide range of plant products and growth objectives. Became a business with the series. “Super aggressive” in three years.

At the end of 2021, they moved operations to a new factory in Lampa, which is one of the strategies to achieve these goals and take Leberger to the next level.

What did this change mean for the company in terms of investments, and how could this jump improve its future plans?

The transformation of the factory marked a before and after in our history and is undoubtedly the most important step of all time. This allows us to accommodate future growth plans, but above all to provide our work team with modern and welcoming facilities that allow us to carry out our work with pleasure. The factory was built by a second investor, but according to our specifications. Agrosano took part in the realization of the installations, very particular

of their business, an investment of approximately $3 billion in total. They have a construction of more than three thousand square meters, which allows ongoing operations and of course to accommodate future development projects.

-What specifically are you doing with your line of veggie burgers to set yourself apart from the competition?

—Laberger began as a business of two nutritionists who provided healthy, balanced meals and combated the lack of time in today’s Chili routine. Thus was offered the Bean Burger, unsealed, with a clean label and in five different varieties: chickpeas, red beans, black beans, lentils and chili lentils. In 2019, this company takes a big step forward and joins Agrosano to continue growing, developing new products and reaching more homes with a common goal: to improve people’s quality of life with healthy, tasty and delectable products. We are the only company on the market to offer today five types of legumes with very special flavors. This allows us to offer an interesting and pleasant variety to our consumers. And this month we are launching a new product: chickpea nuggets with tricolor quinoa, to solidify the mix of products we promote.

Healthy living and less meat consumption is a growing trend, as is the market for all related products. In the veggie burger category, legumes were up over 160% and soy was down 6%. This tells us that consumers are not just looking for meatless foods, they are also looking for foods that are nutritious, healthy, versatile and easy to eat.

We are present in three supermarket chains, but we plan to have them all, and we also have a virtual store with home delivery.

– How is the industry in which they work estimated?

Consumers have specialized over the years and today it is common for us to revisit the labels of processed foods. To this must be added the lesson that the pandemic has bequeathed to us on the importance of maintaining a balanced diet. Our company offers foods that are extremely healthy, but above all versatile, rich and appetizing. In our view, those able to support this type of offering in the marketplace will have an increasing role to play over time.


Leburguer is not looking for meat substitutes: “Rather, he seeks to promote a healthy diet through the massive consumption of legumes, which are known to have all the infinite qualities possible, but at any time of the day, you may be able to eat it.” are available in the fridge, always keeping a taste of home”, explains Carolina Aravena, general manager of Agrosano.

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