After Sridevi’s death, this terrible secret was revealed, the actress was doing all this to look young


Today is the fourth anniversary of the death of Bollywood’s first female superstar, Sridevi. Sridevi, 54, died on February 24, 2018, after drowning in a Dubai hotel bathtub. In such a situation, today we will reveal their secret that very few people know. In fact, Sridevi often used to undergo surgeries to look young. According to reports, she had undergone around 29 plastic surgeries. Yes, and she had surgery shortly before her death. In fact, a veteran journalist said that when she met Sridevi 7 years ago, she was amazed to see her beauty.

In fact, even at such an age, his weight was very low and there was not a single wrinkle on his face. However, this was all due to cosmetic surgery. It is said that Sridevi was very aware of her beauty. Not only that, but Sridevi used to take a lot of treatment to keep the beauties intact. According to the news that came out of it, she also underwent surgery on her two daughters Jahnvi and Khushi. According to some reports, Sridevi frequently traveled to South Carolina in the United States for treatment and one of his surgeries was disrupted which damaged the shape of his lips. Due to the failure of the operation, her doctor in South Carolina had advised her to take numerous diet pills. She also took many anti-aging medications.

According to the reports that came out, she used to eat diet pills, so she ate less food. Not only that, Sridevi has undergone laser skin surgery, silicone breast correction, botox and oxy peel facelifts, body tuck. She underwent treatment to reduce Tummy’s excess fat.

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